Inside the Slot’s Head

We’re a sucker for the ins and outs of newspaper style, so we enjoyed today’s “Ask the Post” Q&A with Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor for Copy Desks Don Podesta […]

Purple (middle) fingers, part deux…

The Nation – its pages getting thinner by each issue, it seems – is spittin’ mad. At least Naomi Klein is: Taking her cue from the fact that most Iraqis […]

Hollywood Republicans: Frumpily Dressed Pasta-Eaters

Meanwhile, the L.A. Daily News reports that a group known as the Hollywood Congress of Republicans meets monthly at the Old Spaghetti Factory: At the Hollywood Congress of Republicans’ meetings, […]

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Irony Free

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Irony Free

Jean Prouve’s Tropical House @ Yale

Jean Prouve's Tropical House @ Yale

LA Times Calendar Section: Huh?

A tipster pointed me toward today’s LA Times Calendar piece by Robin Abcarian about the Democratic party seeking direction. You know, Howard Dean, blah blah blah. Fine, but one question: […]

And what’s the point of being the editor of Vanity Fair if there’s no Vanity Fair Oscar party?

VF name-calling

Peeking Inside the Green Rooms

The Hill offers today an inside look at the mysterious green rooms scattered around Washington, D.C., that hold capital pundits prior to their talking head segments. The verdict? D.C.’s green […]

Share the Love

Share the Love

Enemies List: Neal Boulton vs. Fat

Neal Boulton vs. Fat