Inauguration Watch: An Event for the B-List

If you’re not planning on attending one of the numerous inaugural balls tomorrow night, Fishbowl has an idea that’s almost as hot as the idea of Dubya in a slinky […]

Qvis cvstodiet ipses cvstodes? We do.

The New Yorker tells us why the East Village is dying by degrees: Artistic branding-by-suffering.

Isn’t the 8 supposed to mean ‘good luck’?

Banishment for the Hostess with the Mostest

Enemies List: Tom Bissell vs. King Wenclas

Enemies List: Wenclas vs. Bissell

Why Can’t Little Joey (In the Marketing Department) Read?

VF doesn't read

Your priorities rearranged: Condi vs. Softball

Here at Fishbowl we’re entirely of the opinion that Serious News, as perpetrated by The Gray Lady, should be conterweighed by something less tweedy and more meat-and-potatoes, just so you […]

Inauguration Watch: WP ‘Blog’ Needs More Bull

The Post's new inaugural blog that isn't.

Freedom On The March Dept.

The New York Sun says Bush has "a historic chance" to redefine his presidency. So why aren't there any critics in the piece? Oh, right. They didn't sign the "loyalty pledge," most like.

One Chris Anderson, Two Chris Anderson, Three Chris Anderson…

Chris Anderson, Chris Anderson and Chris Anderson.

Korrecting the Kanapes

Does George Stephanopoulous serve canapes that often?