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My Favorite My Favorite Weekend

The weekly Thursday Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times features ex-junkie / ex-rock star Scott Weiland. (Subscription required for access to Calendar section.) Now clean and sober, Weiland’s favorite […]

Rule # 1: Get your facts straight.

The BBC has gotten its high-toned butts kicked around the world’s block all last year. And they’re off to a fine start on today’s morning news program by getting its […]

Inauguration Watch: The Big Day!

Post buys access, but no one else cares

“Your contribution? It built our swimming pool.”

"It's my money. I could build a chalet in Aspen, I could build a castle..."

I Hope The Landlord Fact-Checked His Lease Agreement

Overheard (and uncomfirmed): Famed journalistic fraud Stephen Glass, by sheer coincidence, is now living in the Echo Park apartment just vacated by NPR-fave-voice-of-her-generation-essayist Meghan Daum upon the purchase of her […]

North Hollywood: The Midwest College Town of Los Angeles

In the coming weeks, Fishbowl LA will be examining the social dynamics of North Hollywood, the failed arts community populated entirely by assistant gaffers.

It’s Like ‘Fatal Attraction’ meets ‘Gattaca’

Newsweek's interview with departing Paramount studio chief Sherry Lansig buries a tantalizing tidbit on the second page:

Entertainment Industry Seepage

Funny thing about Los Angeles: Because it is the entertainment industry capital of the western world, people in the non-entertainment media sometimes feel compelled to relate all aspects of Los […]

Inauguration Watch: An Event for the B-List

If you’re not planning on attending one of the numerous inaugural balls tomorrow night, Fishbowl has an idea that’s almost as hot as the idea of Dubya in a slinky […]