Break into Radio Journalism

And maybe someday you can talk about what you like to do with your Fringe Benefits card during a KCRW pledge drive. My employer,, is offering a panel this […]

Estrich Semi-Apologetic, and Weird As Ever

Today’s LAT includes a long article about the Estrich/Kinsley flap. Highlights: – Kinsley is quoted referring to Estrich as a “jerk.” – Estrich is characterized as having “apologized for raising […]

The Reliable Source Gets Wanderlust

A couple of times a week, we’ll link to the chats that their reporters and columnists do. The chats are generally very personable and educational, and give a unique […]

Schieffer Promises ‘To Find Out What Happened’

Bob Schieffer made his debut on CBS last night–or, as the Post’s Lisa de Moraes called it, “Day 1 of Conservatives Don’t Have Dan Rather to Kick Around Anymore.” Here’re […]

IHT: Wells out; Schmemann in?

Wells out; Schmemann in?

Breaking: Frank Rich

Frank Rich: back to Op-Ed

Sesno Back to CNN

Frank Sesno, former Late Edition host and current GMU lecturer, will return to CNN as a special correspondent for “Paula Zahn Now” and “CNN Presents,” according to DCRTV. Sesno, who […]

Debating Journalism

Since we’ve been pretty heavy today with hard-hitting posts on toilets, kisses, speech cancellations, and tight jeans, we thought it was time for a post on soft news. Two very […]

Publishing Schedule: 08.10.05

Publishing schedule

Matthews Backs Out of Speech

Under pressure from Muslim groups, Chris Matthews (he of the not-so-huge kisser) has backed out of a talk he was supposed to give to a conference of Indian-American hoteliers, according […]