There Must Be a Better Way

There Must Be a Better Way

Sally Horchow Update: There Is No Update

A Vanity Fair publicist told me on Friday she’d have a statement for me by Monday regarding the conflict-of-interest policy at the magazine and whether Sally Horchow’s Fanfair piece plugging […]

Barely Legal and barely any difference

Barely Legal and barely any difference

Inside the Veal Pen

Inside the veal pen

The WGA East-West Feud: Brother Against Brother

I was going to link to a scan of the members-only letter from Writer’s Guild of America West president Daniel Petrie Jr. which was posted on its website yesterday. Then […]

This blog post is OFF THE RECORD!

Off the record!!! Everything is off the record!

Adventures in Branding

LA.COMfidential reports that the Asian culture-oriented magazine Giant Robot has opened a restaurant on Sawtelle right by its gallery. According to its website gr/eats serves “fish, chicken, vegetables, soup, pasta, […]

Live From New York, It’s the Los Angeles Times

I guess sometimes the mountain really does come to Mohammed. Here I am in New York City, and, lo, tonight at the National Arts Club not two subway stops away […]

Sparks Fly at Party for Media Elite

Opinion Awards

David Byrne ♥ PowerPoint

David Byrne ♥ PowerPoint