The Young Turks Adds Jonathan Larsen, Dylan Ratigan and David Sirota

TYT's crowdfunded hiring campaign grows to $1.5 million.

Time Magazine Hires 8, Promotes 12

Read the memo from Nancy Gibbs and Edward Felsenthal.

Australian Magazine Flushes Out Cheeky Hailey Baldwin Cover

A bathroom break generating loads of discussion.

President Trump in a Truck + Postponed ACA Repeal Vote = Instant Meme

Beep beep.

The Senate Voted to Strike Down an Internet Privacy Rule

The move could allow ISPs to share user data without first obtaining permission,

Variety Staffs Up for Music Industry Coverage

Shirley Halperin and Jem Aswad move over from Billboard/THR.

Tronc’s Faltering Age of the Machines

New report suggests NantWorks synergies have failed to materialize.

Time Magazine Resurrects ‘Is God Dead?’ Cover

Half a century later, another three-word question.

Bob Dylan Punctuates Best Picture Oscar Snafu

Artist's latest album, Triplicate, comes out March 31.

Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Dishes on His Travel Channel Franchise

Once homeless on the streets of New York, this week's 'Lunch' guest is today a bonafide multimedia star.