This Simple Insight Led Droga5 to Make Hillary Clinton’s Best Ad of 2016

Droga5 has quietly created a lot of advertising for Hillary Clinton during Election 2016. The most simple and powerful spot in the bunch, "Role Models," has been effective enough that it's been getting a second airing in the weeks leading up to today's vote—after initially rolling out in July.

Jay Benjamin Reveals His 3 Favorite Ads, and His Plans for Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer’s NYC Office

The new executive creative creator at Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer's New York office, who recently left the top creative post at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, named his three favorite ads of all time when Adweek caught up with him in Las Vegas at LIA judging.

The Lasting Genius of Dove’s ‘Real Beauty,’ and the Formal Daring of Jeep’s ‘Portraits’

Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" is one of those legendary campaigns that changed everything, not just for the Unilever brand but for the category and, indeed, the industry as a whole—helping to usher in an era when brands could be more honest about the artifice of messaging, and become more real and relevant to consumers.

From Benetton to H&M, How Fashion Fueled Advertising’s Coolest Designer

Adweek sat down with Pum Lefebure to ask her about her favorite advertising and design work, the whole H&M experience, and what it's been like judging at the LIA's this week.

Why CP+B Is Loving This Election, and Where It’s Heading With American Airlines

Election 2016 has been an exhausting experience for just about everyone. But for brands, it's certainly created potent cultural moments they can tap into.

Jaime Robinson Talks Netflix, ‘Beauty Inside’ and Why Kiss Makeup Was the Best Ad Ever

It's fitting that Joan Creative's first bit of finished advertising was this Netflix spot, unveiled in social media during the Emmys, all about powerful women—presented as a parody of '50s educational films.

How Starburst’s Little Lad Inspired Wheat Thins’ Famous ‘Family Guy’ Ad

What does Starburst's classic "Bus Station" commercial, with the Little Lad, have in common with the famous Wheat Thins Family Guy spot? Lots and lots of mentions of the product name—a gag that Lisa Topol used to great effect in crafting the latter spot when she was a creative director at Being in 2012.