The Ministry of Silly Brands

We’ve apparently got Monty Python on the brain this week. Ever see an item in a store that stops you right in your tracks—and not necessarily because you want it? […]

Fun while it lasted

People are falling off the low-carb bandwagon like bread rolls piled too high at the buffet table. That’s according to The New York Times, which ran a huge story in […]

A birth-control pill by any other name

So lately we’ve been seeing ads for this birth-control pill called Yasmin, and even though it’s been for sale under that name, particularly in Europe, for some time, it strikes […]

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam …

Remember back in the happy-go-nutty dot-com days, when Hormel was grumpy that junk e-mail had earned the nickname “spam”? Didn’t people know—didn’t they care?!—that hardworking Hormel execs had come up […]

Founding Father. Inventor. Canoodler?

Was that the point of the History Channel’s documentary on Ben Franklin that debuted over the weekend? At the very least, it’s a paraphrase of one of the headlines in […]

Just beat it

As an entertainer, Michael Jackson has been mailing it lately, but the United States Postal Service won’t return the favor. Jacko, who just gave a DNA sample to investigators ahead […]

Friends don’t let friends dial drunk

So now we learn that Virgin Mobile Australia is offering a new service called Dialing Under the Influence, where drinkers can, pre-drinking, arrange to have certain outgoing (in every sense […]

Something’s fishy

Working from home means getting more than one’s fair share of telemarketing calls, even after that glorious day about a year ago when the family registered for the National Do […]

Spongmonkeys, R.I.P.

With the demise of the Quiznos/Martin Agency relationship, we are mourning the loveable, bug-eyed, misshapen, guitar-playing, moon-loving, rat-like Spongmonkeys. It remains a bit of a mystery how Martin sold through […]

Anyone for a one-martini lunch?

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s diamond may have been as big as the Ritz-Carlton, but the Algonquin’s costs more. Added last Wednesday to the Manhattan hotel’s cocktail menu, the “Martini on the […]