And the winner of Best Nose Job is …

For anyone out there who has lingering concerns about whether China has embraced capitalism, you need wonder no more. With the naming of its first Miss Plastic Surgery over the […]

Imagine me ‘n’ you ‘n’ surf ‘n’ turf

Remember that Applebee’s spot that featured a reworked version of the Turtles’ infectious 1967 hit Happy Together? The original words, true to the era, celebrated love. Applebee’s rendition extolled the […]

Hold the pizza

Maybe its unfair to single out Papa John’s unfortunate Lemony Snicket tie-in, but at a time when branded content is raising the bar for all entertainment-related advertising, this “let’s hitch […]

Here’s the re-gift they’ll always remember

It’s just a few days until Christmas and you’re stuck at your desk with a half-finished shopping list in your pocket. Then, a package arrives from a client or customer […]

Come fly with me

In Denmark, where the lessons of TBWA\Chiat\Day’s binocular building in Venice, Calif. have evidently not traveled well, 727 Communications is taking a crack at contemporary office-gimmick chic. The Copenhagen agency […]

Network time-wasters Apprentice-style

Note to Mark Burnett: When the O’Jays are singing “For the Love of Money” while Donald Trump and Regis Philbin look on, it’s not called entertainment. It’s called filler. That’s […]

Rah! Rah! Us!

First, it was New York City, deciding to market swag emblazoned with the logos of everything from its Parks Department to the Sanitation Department. Now, Boston and Texas are getting […]

Birkenstocks, we barely knew ye

Usually when one refers scoffingly to a "Birkenstock-wearing" so-and-so, one’s not thinking of over-excitable exercise guru and informercial pioneer Tony Little. Known to himself and others as "America’s Personal Trainer", […]

Who knew?

Iconoclastic rockers The Who are following in the footsteps of author-turned-spiritual-leader L. Ron Hubbard—and we’re mortified it took us this long to figure it out. In 1949, when Hubbard said, […]

Ernest not in earnest

I always wondered how the producers of The Daily Show —or Ali G—get people to go on camera, because anyone who has ever watched those shows knows the interviewees end […]