Who’s your valentine?

Are men more generous than women, or just more guilty? Either way, a Shopping in America poll conducted for The Macerich Co. shows men planning to spend an average of […]

Closet full o’ negative portrayals

Ellen DeGeneres may be dancing her way through an American Express ad, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Thom Felicia may have recently been named spokesperson for Pier 1 […]

VW and Dan and Lee make up

Dan and Lee say they’re sorry—as in super sorry. And thus, the lawsuit brought last week by VW against Dan Brooks and Lee Ford over that hoax-suicide-bomber-VW ad they created […]

Is this Bud really wiser?

Budweiser could have quite the marketing challenge in front of it as it prepares to roll out a new beer, called Budweiser Extra—aka B(E)—nationally. The new brew, which has been […]

Some kind of relief

This was absolutely inevitable: an email pitch we got over the weekend offering us the chance to buy our own “Tsunami Relief” bracelet in the style of the ubiquitous Lance […]

Bring your concern for the world, and your autograph book

Whew! That World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. If AdFreak ever gets invited, we’ll have to make sure to get some designer duds and borrow a tasteful, and phenomenally expensive, […]

Game? You mean there’s a game?

Maybe, you, like the rest of us, have been shaking your head in wonderment that once again the price of Super Bowl ads has gone up, to $2.4 million this […]

The Super Bowl that was, the companies that weren’t

Believe it or not, it’s been five years since the Super Bowl was flooded with dot-com ads. Forbes.com has figured that’s distance enough to take a look back, in this […]

France! New and improved!

We’ve never really thought of the French as being, as they say, “in-your-face,” but an ad touting how wonderful France is for business on the back page of today’s New […]

Driving away dysfunction

In the many decades we’ve been on planet Earth, we’ve never seen a golf ad we liked, let alone one that got us to laugh. But this new spot for […]