The official breakfast of Steroid League Baseball

With both Major League Baseball and General Mills facing their own separate scandals (OK, maybe the Saatchi 17 aren’t on the level of steroids, but we take what we can […]

Aerobicize me!

We guess it’s good that McDonald’s is launching a new global campaign to promote fitness, given its super-sized ad budget, but something bothers us about the new effort—featuring the beyond-buff […]

No. 1 with a bullet

We can’t help but wonder if last week’s bullet-laced scuffle outside the studios of New York’s Hot 97, between people associated with rappers 50 Cent and the Game, was all […]

Pezheads unite!

More than 50 years after it was introduced here, Pez candy still has a hold on our nation—or a few of us, anyway. This group of 60 Pez collectors, who […]

Why 2004 was a little bit like ‘1984’

Just now brought to our attention: this cool parody of Apple’s “1984” commercial, done by a New York comedy group called The Royal We. The chubby guy in the track […]

Another body blow for Bloomberg

Cablevision’s Jim Dolan may not know how to turn the Knicks or Rangers into winners, but he is certainly giving Mike Bloomberg a good fight over New York’s West Side […]

More boozy product placement

Perilous product placement of potent potables pays off in The Upside of Anger. New Line Cinema’s genial, novelistic narrative, which opens Friday, features Kevin Costner as a retired ex-baseball star […]

Rather silly

As anyone who’s been to an ad conference or read trend pieces on the industry lately knows, the consumer is in control like never before. DVRs, Netflix, the Internet—choice is […]

Always just a phone call away

Here’s a classic example of a technologist with way too much time on his hands. His name is Eberhard Schoneburg, and he has created a virtual “girlfriend” that is designed […]

The weather outside is frightful

As a blustery snow shower descended on Gotham on Tuesday, AdFreak couldn’t help but think about how we’d love to get our hands around the furry little neck of Staten […]