Why are cows planning to invade New York?

Can someone help us solve the mystery of the cows? We’ve missed them, but apparently there are ads in the New York subways that say, “The Cows Are Coming. May […]

TV makes you smarter, so don’t bother reading this

So apparently, I’m smarter than I thought. According to this article in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine some of the new television shows are conditioning us to think smarter […]

Happy slapping a great ad opportunity

Only in a land where rugby and soccer matches regularly incite riots could the so-called "happy slapping" craze catch on. But yes folks, The Guardian reports it’s all the rage […]

Maybe Microsoft should make the iLoo

The wireless Internet is all the rage. Yahoo! last week confirmed this with an event titled “It’s a Broadband Life,” dedicated to showing the ways broadband Internet connections are changing […]

Philadelphia: Most depressed place on U.S. soil

W.C. Fields had a point when it comes to disparaging Philadelphia. According to a new survey by Men’s Health magazine, it is the most depressed city in the country based […]

Anyone see ‘Making It Big’?

Hey AdFreak nation, did anyone see the premiere of the Linda Kaplan Thaler reality series Making It Big on Oxygen Sunday night? Can you tell us what you thought about […]

Coming to the defense of Rottweilers

It’s been a tough spring for Rottweilers. The recent marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles brought renewed mention that Princess Diana was wont to call her rival "The […]

Don’t blame it on the Dell dude

Sorry we haven’t been posting so much the last few days. We’ve been having some technical difficulties, which we really wanted to blame on the Dell dude, but instead had […]

A footnote (fingernote?) on the Wendy’s case

Even though it was starting to become obvious that this whole thing about the fingertip in the Wendy’s chili was a hoax, it was lotsa fun to read that the […]

Spice Hunter has a cow

PETA, please don’t take it out on me! New ads for The Spice Hunter line of cooking spices and sea salts are out, and the spokes-cow does not look very […]