Cupid and the cubicles

Last summer, on Adweek’s Careers page, we wrote about a Glamour/ study that gauged people’s attitudes toward office romance. In that poll (of employees age 25-40), 75 percent of respondents […]

Yogi v. TBS

“If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.” So goes one of Yogi Berra’s Yogi-isms. (You can buy an autographed book of them on his Web site, if you’re so […]

The vacation blues

It’s early February. Do you parcel a few days from your meager vacation allowance and jet off for a long weekend in the Bahamas? Or do you retreat to you […]

A girls’ guide to the Super Bowl

Growing up in Atlanta, I never made it to Brunswick, a small Georgia town that lies somewhere between St. Simons Island and, apparently, 1952. At least, that’s judging by “A […]

Should creatives root for a blowout?

AdFreak’s readers may tune into the Super Bowl just to watch the commercials. And an item posted here yesterday finds young adults especially keen on the spots. Nonetheless, the latest […]

Coffee break

Back in the early 1990s, I used to think Taster’s Choice instant coffee was a pretty cool brand. It was tasty, plus they had those intriguing will-they-won’t-they commercials with gorgeous […]

Take cover! It’s The Big One

We just ran across one of these gigantic Snickers bars called “The Big One.” We won’t get all high and mighty and start in about childhood obesity and portion sizes […]

Here’s a phone. Want to buy something?

It’s a nice little feel-good story: A tiny town in rural Louisiana has become one of the last places in the U.S. to receive phone service. Mink, a town of […]

A comment about AdFreak comments

Due to popular demand, as of now your comments will be posted directly to the site instead of passing through our e-mailbox first. Can’t be a true blog if […]

Who’s your valentine?

Are men more generous than women, or just more guilty? Either way, a Shopping in America poll conducted for The Macerich Co. shows men planning to spend an average of […]