Harvard students after their Lucky Charms

It’s not enough, apparently, to go to the most prestigious university in the country, if you can’t get your Lucky Charms and Cap’n Crunch fix. According to this story in […]

Advertising’s final frontier: deep space

These days nothing is sacred when it comes to ad placement. From urinals to foreheads, it seems like almost everything has been done. Now one company is going where most […]

Google execs searching for a bonus

What does it take to get a bonus, for Pete’s sake? You’d think a $1.7 billion IPO, your company becoming a verb, and $3.2 billion in sales would be enough. […]

Mets start a new season for advertising

If you’re going to sign Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, you better find a way to pay for them. And while the New York Mets expect attendance to rise significantly […]

Moonves: Synergy? What synergy?

For those who have followed Viacom for any period of time (and, most recently, the current talk of it splitting itself back up), listening to co-COO Les Moonves talk at […]

Hootie’s BK ad makes comic strip history

AdFreak’s daily comics-reading ritual was interrupted by a sudden craving for lite rock and bacon strips, thanks to Thursday’s "Boondocks" strip. In it, the cartoon’s jaded teenage brothers lament the […]

How to get your art displayed at the Met

Okay, my favorite new guy is "a shadowy British graffiti artist who calls himself "Banksy,” as profiled in yesterday’s New York Times. A fine artist whose work (like this unusual […]

See Cameron Diaz’s acne on HDTV!

Remember when aging screen stars like Norma Desmond could hide behind favorable lighting and a soft lens? Well, according to entertainment magazine OnHD.TV, some of Hollywood’s finest aren’t quite ready […]

See you on the way up, and the way down

Talk about the high pressure sales pitch. Wake Forest University takes the concept to a new level, literally, with its 6th annual elevator competition on April 1st and 2nd. MBA […]

The fall of the house of Atkins?

When even Atkins Nutritionals is backing off some of the foundation of the Atkins Diet, you know a trend is over. Not that the low-carb thing is finis exactly, but […]