Search is so hot, Tony Danza wants in!

Search is hot, very hot and everyone wants in on the party, even Tony Danza. (Why there are two mentions of Tony Danza this morning on AdFreak, we really can’t […]

Bill Cosby a Cos to believe in

It looks like Bill Cosby could jump right back into hawking Jell-O Pudding Pops, according to a survey that polled more than 2,000 new parents on their way out of […]

Your chance to be Jerry Springer for a day

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be Jerry Springer, (and c’mon, who hasn’t?) here’s your chance. The man who has provided untold hours of astonishing gazing into the […]

Earbuds are over

We wrote several weeks ago about how a recent rise in New York subway crime has been pegged to thefts of iPods and other digital devices, but as of a […]

Stampeding buffalo prove Levi’s spot wasn’t a fantasy

Two photos and a bizarre story in The New York Times yesterday about cops herding bison that ran amok in the suburbs outside Baltimore got AdFreak thinking: Maybe Bartle Bogle […]

Does Mattel know from California?

We here at a remote West Coast AdFreak bureau may have some insight into the recent Mattel woes. Have you seen these "Cali Girl" and “Cali Guy” Barbie dolls, meant […]

Exclusive photo from the Donny-brook!

You may have heard about the art director who got fired from Deutsch for sending around old pictures of Donny in a skimpy swimsuit. But for some strange reason, no […]

Did I just see the Aflac duck get electrocuted?

Please, please stop me before I watch an “entertainment news” show again. There I was last night, pummeling a clove of garlic into pulpy submission, when the siren’s call of […]

Why are cows planning to invade New York?

Can someone help us solve the mystery of the cows? We’ve missed them, but apparently there are ads in the New York subways that say, “The Cows Are Coming. May […]

TV makes you smarter, so don’t bother reading this

So apparently, I’m smarter than I thought. According to this article in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine some of the new television shows are conditioning us to think smarter […]