Mets launch broken-windshield campaign

The new-look New York Mets are actually following through on their plans for funkier marketing. A fun new portion of the team’s campaign launches today. In Queens, Manhattan and Long […]

Freudian nightmare or Crunch ad?

We’ve done flight attendants. We’ve done bikini-clad real-estate agents. So, to continue our current obsession with skimpy clothing, it’s time to look at these Crunch Fitness ads with people in […]

Beware the finger-scanning cash registers

Allegedly unstable Wendy’s customers, take note: Cub Foods is testing a payment system in which it can access your checking account by scanning your finger at the register. Now, clearly […]

Selling real estate, California style

Real-estate agents aren’t known as a bikini-wearing bunch, but maybe they should be. Wendy Heath, seller of houses (and possibly tracts of land as well), says traffic to her Web […]

Are Manchester Utd.’s sponsors in trouble?

Hostile takeovers are supposed to happen to widget manufacturers, not to the flesh and blood of athletic prowess. American Malcolm Glazer has taken control of the storied Manchester United soccer […]

World travelers look to FedEx Kinko’s

If you’ve recently suffered the embarrassment of traveling with an expired passport or, God forbid, you don’t even have one, AdFreak is here to tell you that part of the […]

Get your Runaway Bride action figure!

At last, savvy marketers have found a way to make a buck off the bizarre story of Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway Georgia bride. From Atlanta comes “Jennifer’s High Tailin’ Hot […]

United flight attendants strip over pensions

Unlike the women of Enron, Home Depot or Wal-Mart, the women of United Airlines aren’t waiting for Playboy to call. Five United flight attendants have created their own risque calendar […]

Creators of are revealed

It turns out that Minneapolis agency Colle + McVoy, not Wieden + Kennedy, was behind, the much-blogged Web site devoted to silly theories about how Tiger Woods sank that […]

Firefox fans go overboard yet again

As we’ve learned time and again, fans of the Firefox Web browser are a nutty bunch (even if they now include IBM). Now, while evidently blowing off their math homework, […]