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June 23, 2011, 10:02 AM EDT

Six Questions: Ajaz Ahmed 'There's not an industry in the world that wallows in nostalgia as much as advertising'

June 23, 2011, 8:34 AM EDT

Six Cannes Questions 2011: Laura Desmond The Starcom MediaVest Group CEO says Cannes is evolving into a whole new festival

June 22, 2011, 7:49 PM EDT

Six Questions: Steve Simpson For the Ogilvy & Mather chief creative officer, North America, Cannes is a battlefield for talent

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June 22, 2011, 4:16 PM EDT

Google, Wieden, R/GA Each Pick Up a Cyber Grand Prix Honored for Arcade Fire video, Old Spice responses, social currency system

Google Creative Lab, Wieden + Kennedy, and R/GA each won a Cyber Grand Prix at the 2011 Cannes Lions on Wednesday—for an Arcade Fire video, the Old Spice response campaign on YouTube, and the "Pay With a Tweet" social-media currency system, respectively.

     The Arcade Fire video, called "The Wilderness Downtown," was a collaboration among Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin, Google Creative Lab, B-Reel and The interactive music video, for the Arcade Fire song "We Used to Wait," had you enter your hometown address, which it then used to construct a personalized video splicing together windows of film with shots of your home. The video shows off a few Google products, including its browser and satellite mapping. 

     Wieden's Old Spice response campaign featured Isaiah Mustafa, aka "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like," shooting personalized videos in which he thanked individual people—bloggers, YouTube commenters, Twitterers, celebrities—who had complimented his ads online. He did almost 200 videos in total, including a response to a review on Adweek's AdFreak blog (below).

     R/GA's "Pay With a Tweet" idea was based on the concept that you could purchase a product in exchange for tweeting or Facebooking about that product to your social-network friends and followers. Says the site: "In today's world the value of people talking about your product is sometimes higher than the money you would get for it. 'Pay with a Tweet' is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network."

     After the jump, a full list of Gold Lion winners in Cyber:

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June 22, 2011, 2:06 PM EDT

Chicago's Digital Kitchen Earns Design Grand Prix for Digitizing Hotel Interior

The U.S. has earned its second Grand Prix of the 2011 Cannes Lions, with Digital Kitchen in Chicago topping the Design contest for its stunning, digitally infused interior-design work at the The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas.

     The Cosmopolitan is an iconic luxury brand. Digital Kitchen's task was to give the building itself a personality and a voice. The agency installed digital displays throughout the hotel that looked like dynamic art canvases. The immersive digital experience extended to the marquee, the casino, the elevators, and most of all the lobby—which presented a unique blend of architecture, contemporary art and digital technology.

After the jump, a full list of Gold Lion winners in Design.

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June 22, 2011, 1:25 PM EDT

JWT Shanghai Wins Press Grand Prix for Samsonite Print Ad

A print ad for Samsonite's Cosmolite suitcase, depicting a classical-style heaven-and-hell scene, has earned JWT Shanghai the Grand Prix in the 2011 Press Lions contest at Cannes.

     The point of the piece was to emphasize the product's durability. Thus, the ad shows first-class passengers enjoying a heavenly experience on an airplane, while the Samsonite luggage has a hellish time down in the cargo hold—but still emerges sparkling after its ordeal. See a much larger image here.

The other Gold Lion winners in Press are:

• Euro RSCG Bangkok for Reckitt Benckiser
• Y&R Buenos Aires for Bayer
• Grabarz & Partner Hamburg for Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
• Y&R Dubai for Harvey Nichols
• Ogilvy Malaysia Kuala Lumpur for Mattel
• Almap BBDO São Paulo for Billboard magazine
• DDB Argentina Buenos Aires for Volkswagen
• Leo Burnett Hong Kong for Greenpeace
• Scholz & Friends Berlin for Bund

June 22, 2011, 1:00 PM EDT

Six Questions: Peter Vesterbacka Angry Birds' Mighty Eagle on his plans for world domination

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June 22, 2011, 8:16 AM EDT

Full Winners Lists: Outdoor, Media, Radio

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June 22, 2011, 7:44 AM EDT

Pitching Hard BuzzFeed in Cannes

     Jon Steinberg, president of BuzzFeed, pitches fast and hard. The first time I met him, post-midnight at BuzzFeed’s party on Le Rooftop, overlooking the Mediterranean, I felt the need to get him a drink. The idea that one could relax in Cannes, that the wee hours were a time for friendly chatter, or that pitches, if they must be pitched, are best served with a little butter—none of this seemed to have occurred to him. “Are you going to write something about this?” he asked. “I mean, are you going to mention it?” And then, almost immediately, “You know, you and Jonah” [Peretti, co-founder of BuzzFeed] “should get together and talk.”

     I suggested I call them tomorrow to see about a time.

     “Hey, why don’t we just do it now? How about 3:45 tomorrow, right here?”

     Peretti, now in his late 30s, is a minor hero in New York City media for bearing the “co-founder of Huffington Post” badge and for having been a first mover in the creation of “viral” content. At lunch the following day, Steinberg tried to convince me that Peretti coined the word. Peretti emitted a signature high-pitch, closed-teeth laugh: “I didn’t coin the word ‘viral,’” he said. “I mean, I was doing things that people called ‘viral’ very early on.” (In 2006, The New York Times said he was a “viral marketing hot dog.”)

     In terms of personality, Peretti is the giddily nervous marijuana to Steinberg’s anxious cocaine. “He’s more aggressive and works faster, I’m a little more contemplative and work a little slower,” Peretti told me after Steinberg left the table. “He’s more gregarious, I’m a little bit less social.” This was certainly true the night before. On Le Rooftop, after a rather bleak comedy routine with Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman—a terribly grating take on the Borscht Belt brought to sully the Riviera (she had to yell at all the people ignoring her)—Peretti was all calm and relaxation. He had even decided to go through the week of networking without a cell phone. For the formal, recorded lunch at the Carlton, however, he walked the Steinberg line and pitched equally hard.

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June 22, 2011, 2:11 AM EDT