Pitching Hard BuzzFeed in Cannes

     I asked Peretti what Steinberg did before coming to BuzzFeed. “He was at Google. And he worked at Majestic, which is a startup company in finance, and worked on Wall Street a little bit.”

     Doing what?

     “At Google he worked on small business partnerships. He worked in research on Wall Street—they would sell research to traders. And he’s been tremendous for us . . . He’s sort of taken us from being an R&D lab to being a real business.”

     I got the impression that Peretti was starting to become human again. He cracked a joke. He talked about the time he took Arianna Huffington to lunch. He told a story about Steinberg trying to buy ice cream in Cannes with a 100-franc note. We ended the meal, and he went in to meet the others.

     That night, I ran into them again at one of the many loud, nightly parties that stretch the length of the beach. At last, Steinberg seemed relaxed—he offered a sort of good-to-see-you smile that seemed to portend a conversation, rather than a pitch.

     Then he introduced me to one of his friends: “You guys should talk.”

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