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Cannes 2013
Ad Legend Jeff Goodby Wonders If We’re All Part of One Big Thinking Machine Do you share a brain with him?

Do you ever feel like all of our collective intelligences add up to one Big Human Brain designed to entertain us, move us, inform us and crack us up? I was…

November 10 9:32PM

'Nonstop Partying, Nothing But Rosé, Out Until 4 in the Morning...'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 John Tejada

July 24 4:34PM

'What We Do Here Can't Be Done Anywhere Else'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Michael Roth

July 24 4:34PM

'I Like Very Much the Fierce Battle for Winning an Award'

Cannes 2013 60x60@60 Maurice Lévy

July 17 6:24PM

'Cannes is a Brand'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Mayor Bernard Brochand

July 17 6:07PM

'Cannes Has Become Better'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Andy Goldberg

July 17 5:42PM

'Yes, It's a lot of Work but the Work Is the Fun.'

Cannes 2013 60x60@60 Tham Khai Meng

July 17 5:42PM

'Cannes Is a Brand' Says the Town's Mayor and Ex-Mad Man Bernard Brochand

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Mayor Bernard Brochand

July 17 5:41PM

'We Heard It Was a Big Party. We Wanted to Get in on the Action'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Matt Biespiel

July 15 6:57PM

'Next to the Gutter Bar Was This Beautiful Red Ferrari'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Mark Tutsell

July 15 6:13PM

'I've Had the Cannes Experience, as a Suit'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Alain Groenendaal

July 11 6:44PM

'We Spoke to Each Other and Said: This Has to Be Conquered'

Cannes 60x60@60 Sonal Dabral

July 11 6:43PM

'I've Never Been In Front of a Bigger, Louder Audience'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Jim Cooper

July 11 6:33PM

'I Found Myself Describing Print Ads on Stage'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Keith Reinhard

July 11 6:08PM

Dine With Jon Hamm, Cease to Exist

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Gordon Bowen

July 11 1:11PM

'I Wasn't Looking Forward To it At All'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Isabelle Gauvry

July 10 1:12PM

'Cannes Is a Competition... Somebody's Gotta Lose'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Paul Gunning

July 10 1:09PM

Lee Clow Would Rather Keep Working TBWA icon talks about his future, and his agency’s

Lee Clow was in Cannes this year to collect this year’s Lion of St. Mark award and to chat with fellow ad legend George Lois. His agency picked up a Grand…

July 7 11:24PM

'There Was a Feeling Something Special Was Happening to Us'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Susan Bond

July 3 12:19PM

You Can Actually Have a Conversation Over a Bottle of Rosé.'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Elda Choucair

July 3 12:15PM

'It's the Place to Come to Meet Everybody in the Industry'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Jonathan Nelson

July 3 12:15PM

'My First Time Around Was an Amazing Series of Happy Accidents'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Keith Butters

July 3 12:15PM

'You'll Be Talking to Someone Who is Passionate About Advertising.'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Nancy Hill

July 3 12:15PM

'I Took a Lot of Convincing. I Didn't Like Extravagant Spending Down in Cannes'

Cannes 2013 60@60 x60 Sir Martin Sorrell

July 3 11:25AM

'Suddenly Our Creative Director Is Presenting to Jon Hamm'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Dianne Wilkins

July 2 12:41PM

'Why Go To Cannes For Business That's Supposed To Be Automated?'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Jay Sears

July 2 11:42AM

'I Thought Everything in Cannes Stayed in Cannes'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Chuck Brymer

July 1 5:23PM

'Do I Come to Cannes? Do I Not Come to Cannes? You Should Come to Cannes'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Tom Bernardin

July 1 12:13PM

'You've Got the Heart of Cannes, You've Been Inspired By Great Work'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Philip Thomas

June 28 4:46PM

The World's Best Outdoor Ads, 2012-13 See the top 75 winners from the Outdoor Lions at Cannes

We've looked at all the Grand Prix and Gold Lion winners in the Film and Press competitions from last week's Cannes Lions festival. Today, we turn to the Outdoor Lions…

June 28 3:50PM

'The Value Is Not On the Main Stage, It's in the Side Conversations'

Baratunde FINAL

June 28 12:54PM

'I Had a Great Lesson in Cultural Differences Here in 1989'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Sir John Hegarty

June 27 6:50PM

'We Decided to Streak the JWT Party'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Calle Sjoenell

June 27 4:48PM

'Our Creative Director Arrived As the Ceremony Was Beginning'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Chuck Porter

June 27 1:36PM

'Everybody's Friendly Here'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Benjamin Palmer

June 27 1:36PM

Brazil's Unrest May Affect Social Media Marketers for a Year Agencies adapt to unprecedented environment, which may become new normal

When Brazilian digital agency execs recently flew home from Cannes to São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, they landed onto a terrain rattled by people-in-the-streets protests on a scale that's…

June 27 1:21PM

'Not Just Technical Innovation But Cultural Innovation'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Randall Rothenberg

June 26 5:32PM

'We Had Synchronized Swimmers Performing in the Pool'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60

June 26 2:07PM

The World's Best Print Ads, 2012-13 See the top 59 winners from the Press Lions at Cannes

We continue our post-mortem of last week's Cannes Lions festival by looking at the top print ads—the Grand Prix and gold winners from the Press Lions contest. You've already seen the…

June 26 11:37AM

The World's Best Commercials, 2012-13 See the top 21 winners in Film and Film Craft from Cannes

It was a long haul of judging for Sir John Hegarty, Joe Pytka and their jury teams at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week. Hegarty's Film Lions jury…

June 25 8:59AM

The Best TV Commercial From Cannes That You Never Saw Before

If there were a Crowd Pleasing Lions contest at Cannes, this Smart car commercial from BBDO Germany would have run off with it this year. It's all the more delightful…

June 24 1:30PM

Grand Prix for Good: Ants March With Leaf Billboards in BBDO's WWF Stunt Putting tiny activists to work

CANNES, France—One of the biggest cheers at Saturday's award ceremony here at Cannes Lions was reserved for the Grand Prix for Good winner, which amusingly and ingeniously harnessed the power…

June 24 9:50AM

See Every Grand Prix Winner From the 2013 Cannes Lions Dumb Ways to Die, The Beauty Inside and Dove rule the show

CANNES, France—Call them the clumsy blobs that could. The adorable animated characters from McCann Melbourne's "Dumb Ways to Die" train-safety video dominated the 60th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity here…

June 23 10:37PM

12 Conversations About the Past, Present and Future of Advertising We sit down with industry leaders in Cannes

Each year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity makes more room for a cast of characters beyond creatives—and for more commerce. Here, we present snapshots from Adweek’s conversations last week…

June 23 10:35PM

Paralympics Ad 'Meet the Superhumans' Powers to Film Craft Grand Prix Tom Tagholm's gritty triumph

CANNES, France—The athletes are superhuman. And so was the director. Tom Tagholm's brilliant "Meet the Superhumans" commercial for the 2012 Paralympic Games won the Grand Prix in the Film Craft Lions…

June 22 3:30PM

Pereira & O'Dell's 'The Beauty Inside' Picks Up 2 More Grand Prix—in Film and Branded Content Three in all

CANNES, France—This Cannes Lions festival has turned into a thing of beauty for Pereira & O'Dell. The San Francisco agency added two more Grand Prix here tonight, in the Film Lions…

June 22 3:30PM

Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches' Earns Ogilvy Brazil the Titanium Grand Prix Fourth Grand Prix this week for Ogilvy network

CANNES, France—Dove's wildly successful "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign, the runaway viral advertising success of 2013 so far, won the Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes Lions here tonight, earning Ogilvy &…

June 22 3:30PM

'Dumb Ways to Die' Ends With Record 5 Grand Prix, Adding Film and Integrated McCann Melbourne's runaway train

CANNES, France—In the end, the dumbness was record breaking. Visitors to the Cannes Lions festival here speculated all week about just how many Grand Prix the "Dumb Ways to Die" train-safety…

June 22 3:30PM

Winners Lists: Titanium & Integrated, Film, Film Craft and Branded Content Includes all U.S. winners

CANNES, France—Here are all the Grand Prix and Gold Lion winners from the final four award ceremonies at Cannes Lions here tonight—Film, Film Craft, Titanium & Integrated and Branded Content…

June 22 3:30PM

Damian Kulash and OK Go Seek Brand Partner for a Year of Crazy Adventures Who's in for the new record?

CANNES, France—OK Go, the band that makes cool stuff with brands, is looking for a partner. Having worked with Chevrolet, Google, Samsung, State Farm and others on their inventive and incredibly…

June 21 12:28PM

'The Crowd Broke Into a Cacophony of Boos'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Terry Savage

June 21 12:09PM

'I Arrived in the Middle of the Night. It Was Dark. It Was Noisy Though!'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Annie Liebovitz

June 21 10:15AM

'We're Going to Replicate That Over-the-Top Lifestyle'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Lee Clow

June 21 9:00AM

'The Media Days... Were Dead, Dead, Dead'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Laura Desmond

June 21 8:55AM

George Lois and Lee Clow on the Simple, Complicated Future of Advertising Chasing the idea in a new world

CANNES, France—Through talent or brute force, the artist will win. That was the message from George Lois and Lee Clow here Friday morning, as the advertising legends told war stories from…

June 21 7:26AM

'It Must Be On About 20 Years Now. I Never Miss It.'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Tony Granger

June 20 1:50PM

5 Beauties and 5 Beasts From Saatchi's Brutal 2013 New Directors' Showcase Awash in sex and violence

CANNES, France—The 2013 Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase, held inside a full house at Cannes Lions here this morning, was not for the faint of heart. Stabbings, shootings, slashings, bombings—there…

June 20 10:18AM

Lou Reed on Music, Mortality and the Genius of Andy Warhol and Kanye West Rock legend looks back

CANNES, France—Still looking extremely frail following his recent liver transplant, Lou Reed nonetheless made it to Cannes Lions for the Grey Music Seminar here Thursday, and spoke about his legendary…

June 20 8:38AM

'All This Really Does Exist'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 George Lois

June 20 5:20AM

Dumb Ways to Clean Up at Cannes

Cannes 2013, The Adweek Summer Special

June 20 5:20AM

'Dumb Ways to Die' Train Keeps Rolling, as It Wins Grand Prix in Radio Its third of the festival

CANNES, France—It's officially a runaway train. McCann Melbourne's "Dumb Ways to Die" train safety campaign for Metro Trains Melbourne picked up its third Grand Prix of the week at Cannes Lions…

June 19 3:33PM

Draftfcb and Pereira & O'Dell Each Win a Grand Prix in Cyber Category Oreo Daily Twist and The Beauty Inside are honored

CANNES, France—The U.S. doubled its 2013 Grand Prix count in a single award ceremony here tonight, as Draftfcb and Pereira & O'Dell were both honored as Grand Prix winners in…

June 19 3:30PM

Germany's Serviceplan Repeats as Grand Prix Winner in Design Sustainability report on single store receipt

CANNES, France—Serviceplan in Munich, Germany, walked off with its second straight Design Lions Grand Prix here tonight, winning this time for embedding a store's sustainability report on a single shopping…

June 19 3:30PM

TBWA\Media Arts Lab Earns Press Grand Prix for Apple's iPad Mini Ads Front covers on the back cover

CANNES, France—The U.S. has won its second Grand Prix of this year's Cannes Lions festival, with TBWA\Media Arts Lab in Los Angeles earning the top prize in the Press Lions…

June 19 3:30PM

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Pitches Revolt and Tells Advertisers How to Be Cool 'I'm extremely immature'

CANNES, France—After holding court Tuesday night on the Croisette with media and advertising moguls (and an afterparty or two), Sean "Diddy" Combs was all business today, taking the main stage…

June 19 9:32AM

Conan O'Brien to Advertisers: You Disgust Me, but I Will Take Your Money Comedian gets honest with Anderson Cooper

CANNES, France—Conan O'Brien wants advertisers' money but also wants creative freedom with the brand integrations on his show, a requirement that benefits both sides, he told Anderson Cooper in a…

June 19 7:16AM

'The Ad People Can Always Come Back to Cannes'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Carol Potter

June 19 5:11AM

Barbarian Group Wins Inaugural Innovation Lions Grand Prix for Its Cinder Coding Platform Three other wild ideas awarded

CANNES, France—Nine years after winning its first Cannes Lion, a gold for Burger King's "Subservient Chicken," The Barbarian Group has secured an even bigger prize: the Grand Prix in the…

June 18 3:30PM

Ogilvy Adds Two More Grand Prix—in Outdoor and Media Paris wins for IBM boards, Amsterdam for funeral insurance ads

CANNES, France—After winning the Promo Grand Prix on Monday, Ogilvy & Mather picked up two more Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions festival here tonight, with its Paris office earning…

June 18 3:30PM

DM9 Jayme Syfu Wins Mobile Grand Prix for Turning Cellphones Into Textbooks Philippines agency's ingenious project

CANNES, France—The Philippines, which before this year had won just one Gold Lion and a handful of silvers and bronzes, nabbed the Grand Prix in Mobile here tonight for an…

June 18 3:30PM

Annie Leibovitz Revisits Her Famous Photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono How events change an image

CANNES, France—Annie Leibovitz spoke about her Disney ads here at the Cannes Lions festival on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, she stopped by the press room inside the Palais des…

June 18 9:56AM

Disney Trusts Annie Leibovitz 'Why do we need the castle in this picture?' she asks

CANNES, France—Artists need to trust themselves, and brands need to trust artists. That, at least, was the message when photographer Annie Leibovitz, mcgarrybowen co-founder and chief creative officer Gordon Bowen, and…

June 18 6:37AM

'The Hotel Was Themed Like a European Bordello'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Rich Guest

June 18 4:02AM

How Starcom's Twitter Deal Was Born Tide, and Laura Desmond's breakfast with Dick Costolo

CANNES, France — Starcom Media Vest Group, along with a host of its Publicis brethren, took over The Majestic on the Croisette during the Lions Festival, holding court alongside companies…

June 18 3:01AM

'I Was Sort of a Cannes Paramedic'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 David Lubars

June 17 8:36PM

Ogilvy Brazil Scores Promo Grand Prix for Soccer Team's Organ Donor Campaign Rabid fans' hearts still beat

CANNES, France—Ogilvy & Mather in Brazil, which had an enormous success this spring with its "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign for Dove, picked up a Grand Prix here tonight in the…

June 17 3:30PM

'Dumb Ways to Die' Kills With 2 Grand Prix—in Direct and PR Oreo's blackout tweet also wins a Lion

CANNES, France—Dying never felt so good. McCann Melbourne's super-viral "Dumb Ways to Die" train-safety video for the Melbourne Metro stormed the Cannes Lions festival on the first day of awards here,…

June 17 3:30PM

W+K's Journey With Heineken Leads to Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness CP+B, Digitas take home a Lion for AmEx

CANNES, France—Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam picked up the Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness here tonight for its remarkable Heineken campaign, which helped boost sales of the Dutch brewer's flagship…

June 17 3:30PM

BBDO Brass Talk Creating Fame for Brands Robertson and Lubars on creativity and clients

CANNES, France—Fresh off a panel comparing admen to some of history’s great artists, Andrew Robertson, president and CEO of BBDO Worldwide, and David Lubars, chief creative officer of BBDO North…

June 17 12:45PM

What Agency Creatives Can Learn From Dickens, Hemingway and Michelangelo BBDO connects the dots

CANNES, France—If you're going to have role models, you might as well aim high. At a seminar here today, BBDO's David Lubars and Andrew Robertson suggested that Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway…

June 17 10:39AM

How Jack Black Finds the Funny in Web Video The actor on mining 'comedy nuggets' with Yahoo

CANNES, France—Looking a little bleary-eyed after a night on the Croisette, Jack Black shook off the cobwebs at a Yahoo panel here this morning and hailed the Internet as the…

June 17 7:08AM

'If You Can Remember Your First Cannes You Haven't Necessarily Been'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Jon Kamen

June 15 12:50AM

'Fake Your Death Before You Go...'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Jill Applebaum

June 14 6:00PM

'Not Everyone Is Drunk All the Time...'

Cannes 2013 60@60 Linda Sawyer

June 14 5:31PM

P&G Partners With Zefr to Listen In on YouTube Fan Base

All brands want to be content creators these days—and if their customers will create content for free, even better. But in the vast sea of YouTube videos, it’s not easy…

June 14 10:00AM

'Tubing, Balcony, Dinner, Done.'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Katherine Moncrief

June 13 5:29PM

'At 8am Every Morning, You Hear the Doves'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Christoph Becker

June 13 4:01PM

'There Was a Guy Playing Bagpipes From 1am to 6am'

2013 60@60x60 David Droga

June 13 4:01PM

'That Next Drink Is Probably a Mistake'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Matt MacDonald

June 13 3:58PM

'I Met My Wife Ten Years Ago In Front Of the Martinez Bar'

Cannes 2013 60@60x60 Amir Kassaei

June 13 2:48PM

'When You're Drinking, Which Will Be All Day Long, Pace Yourself'

60@60 002 Marla Kaplowitz

June 13 2:48PM

'Being Ad Men We Get On the Helicopter...'

Cannes 2013 60@60 Carl Johnson

June 13 2:48PM

'You Meet People You Couldn't In Any Other Walk of Life'

2013 60@60x60 Jay Haines

June 13 2:46PM

'At Cannes I've Been a Bouncer, a Barman...'

2013 60@60x60 Mark O'Brien

June 13 2:42PM

'We Were On the Beach, Sitting and Looking at the Moon...'

Cannes2013 60@60x60 Sam DiGennaro

June 13 2:41PM

The Essence of Cannes: a Text, a Lunch, a Deal

2013 60@60x60 Val Difebo

June 13 2:38PM

Is the Cannes Lions Festival Suffering From Trophy Overload? New category is 10th in 8 years

Call it category creep. Cannes this year unveils the Innovation Lions, the 10th category the festival has rolled out in the past eight years, compared to just five in the…

June 9 11:54PM

There Will Be Late-Night Pizza at Cannes Deutsch LA to the rescue

Searching for an after-hours glass of rosé at Cannes? No problem. The quest for a late-night snack, however, can be frustrating, particularly after midnight. So, in a public-service effort any hungry…

June 9 11:22PM

Brands Are Eager to Partner With Cirque du Soleil It's a balancing act

Some would argue that advertising has always been essentially a three-ring circus. And now Cirque du Soleil, home to lavish spectacles that are today’s version of the traveling big top,…

June 9 11:20PM

How the World's Most Iconic Brand Was Saved From Itself Coke is the Cannes Advertiser of the Year

David Turner and Dan Wieden, whose agencies have created some of the most memorable creative for Coca-Cola in recent years, actually came close to snubbing the world’s most famous brand. Coca-Cola…

June 9 11:19PM

21 Campaigns That Should Snare Lions at Cannes Adweek's favorites from Leo Burnett's predictions reel

Smart ways to live, and dumb ways to die. Advertising demonstrated it all over the past 18 months, and the best work will do battle at the 60th anniversary of…

June 9 11:18PM

The New King of Super Bowl Ads With three more in this year's big game, Wieden + Kennedy becomes the shop for big spots

If there were an award for Super Bowl advertising, Wieden + Kennedy would probably win that one, too. The agency has been the belle of Cannes and the Emmys, winning 45…

January 21 1:04AM

Droga's Delicious World Mondelez, Coca-Cola fuel growth, as Prudential gets love at Cannes

Some 400 members of Mondelez International’s global team huddled in Istanbul two months ago to talk about the company’s future. It was their first meeting since Kraft spun off the…

December 10 1:03AM

The World's Best Outdoor Ads, 2011-12 All the Grand Prix and gold winners in the category from Cannes

Today we've got another gallery of winning work from last month's Cannes festival—this time from the Outdoor Lions contest. There are plenty of nice billboard and poster campaigns here—in particular, the…

July 13 2:55PM

The World's Best Print Ads, 2011-12 All 38 executions from gold-winning Press campaigns at Cannes

We're still catching up on the many hundreds of winners from this year's Cannes Lions festival. Today, we look at the top print ads—the Grand Prix and gold winners from…

July 5 3:36PM

Six Cannes Questions: Val Di Febo

Six Cannes Questions: Val Di Febo

July 2 3:55PM

DDB Behind 'Ethel's Brew' Cannes craft beer part of agency's elaborate self-promotion

It was all a sham. What, you say? Ethel's Brew. What, you say? Ethel's Brew—the allegedly Brooklyn-grandma-crafted beer you, if you were among the advertising hordes that descended on Cannes…

June 27 4:30PM

The World's Best Commercials, 2011-12 All 15 gold winners in Film and Film Craft from Cannes

It is extremely hard to win a Film Lion or Film Craft Lion of any color at Cannes, particularly a gold—or, obviously, a Grand Prix. Of the hundreds of thousands…

June 27 9:34AM

Droga5 Wins Grand Prix for Good for Inventing Bandages That Save Lives Graham Douglas's breakthrough idea for Help Remedies

CANNES, France—Droga5 in New York was honored with the Grand Prix for Good here tonight for helping to develop an unusual new product for pharma boutique Help Remedies: an adhesive…

June 23 4:35PM

All the Cannes Grand Prix Winners for 2012 See the 14 campaigns judged as the year's best

CANNES, France—The 59th International Festival of Creativity celebrated a diverse set of Grand Prix Lion winners last week, honoring everything from a simple poster design by an undergraduate student to…

June 23 3:14PM

CAA, Chipotle Snag Two Grand Prix—in Film and Branded Content Grey, W+K win gold Lions in Film

CANNES, France—The beautiful animated short film for Chipotle that has charmed viewers worldwide since its initial release online last August earned its creator, Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, the…

June 23 3:10PM

R/GA Adds Titanium Grand Prix to Its Cyber for Nike+ FuelBand Accelerometer is both product development and marketing

CANNES, France—Nike and R/GA are going to have to build a new gadget just to keep track of their advertising awards. The pair were awarded the coveted Titanium Grand Prix at…

June 23 3:07PM

Film Craft Grand Prix Goes to BETC's 'The Bear' for Canal+ CAA, W+K win gold for Chipotle, P&G

CANNES, France—One of the funniest spots of the past year was also judged to be the best crafted at the Cannes Lions festival here tonight, as Paris agency BETC won…

June 23 3:06PM

Mars Previews New Rivalry-Themed Twix Campaign From BBDO Are you left bar or right bar?

CANNES, France—The two bars inside Twix are about to have a falling out. Mars, which is being honored as the 2012 Advertiser of the Year at the Cannes Lions festival here,…

June 22 11:19AM

AKQA Honors 5 Student Teams With Future Lions Contest gathers forward-looking ideas for brands

CANNES, France—One student already won a Grand Prix at the 2012 Cannes Lions festival here. Today, 10 more students were honored through the more traditional route of the Future Lions…

June 22 10:30AM

Love, Hate and Great Work From John Hegarty and Dan Wieden Legendary creatives screen some of their greatest hits

CANNES, France—The aspiring comedy duo of Sir John Hegarty and Dan Wieden took an audience through some of their agencies' most notable work here on Friday morning, telling stories of…

June 22 8:07AM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Katherine Moncrief

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Katherine Moncrief

June 21 5:10PM

Bill Clinton Urges Ad Industry to Lead Global Change Through Creativity Speaking in Cannes, he also reveals his favorite TV spots

CANNES, France—In a speech here Thursday, Bill Clinton implored the advertising industry to use its formidable powers of communication and persuasion to get the world to understand, and thus help…

June 21 3:51PM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Mary Murcko

Six Cannes Questions 2012 Mary Murcko

June 21 3:40PM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Sir Martin Sorrell

Six Cannes Questions: Sir Martin Sorrell

June 21 1:18PM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Mark Tutssel

Six Cannes Questions Mark Tutssel

June 21 11:23AM

BBDO Creatives Dissect Breakthrough Spots Execs from New York, London and Mumbai highlight three examples

CANNES, France—In an effort to drill down to the essence of truly great creative, David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO North America, convened a panel of three…

June 21 10:59AM

Five Cool Films, and One Despicable One, From Saatchi's New Directors' Showcase Some inspiring craft, and some murder and cannibalism

CANNES, France—Saatchi & Saatchi presented the latest edition of its much-loved New Directors' Showcase at the Palais des Festivals here this morning. And while most of the ads and short…

June 21 9:25AM

Lion Tamers: See the Complete Winners Lists in 11 Categories Four major contests remain

CANNES, France—It has been a hectic week for the judges here at the Cannes Lions festival, but the lion's share of the winners have now been announced. Click the links…

June 21 4:52AM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Susan Credle

Six Cannes Questions Susan Credle

June 20 10:53PM

Solar-Powered Annual Report Honored With Design Grand Prix German agency Serviceplan basks in the sunlight

CANNES, France—An Austrian solar company's solar-powered annual report, whose text and graphics can be seen only in sunlight, continued its impressive run through the advertising awards shows this year by…

June 20 3:35PM

Brazilian Agency Wins Radio Grand Prix for FM Broadcasts That Repel Mosquitos Ingenious campaign for 'Go Outside' magazine

CANNES, France—Ad agency Talent in São Paolo, Brazil, won the Grand Prix in the Radio Lions contest here tonight for something more deliciously devious than a straightforward radio ad campaign. On…

June 20 3:33PM

@Sweden Twitter Campaign, Nike+ FuelBand Each Take a Cyber Grand Prix Swedish work honored despite recent furor

CANNES, France—A risky tourism campaign that turned Sweden's official Twitter account over to its citizens, sometimes with questionable results, fought back a flood of bad press to win a Cyber…

June 20 3:32PM

Press Grand Prix Goes to Benetton's Kissing Ads From Fabrica, 72andSunny Jury plants one on provocative campaign

CANNES, France—The Press Lions competition was sealed with a kiss here tonight, with the Grand Prix going to Benetton's provocative "Unhate" campaign showing world leaders kissing, created by Italian agency…

June 20 3:30PM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Monica Karo

Six Cannes Questions Monica Karo

June 20 1:29PM

Twitter's Costolo Touts Real-Time Connections Points to the immediacy and emotion of unfiltered media as new marketing model

CANNES, France—As social media and sharing continue to transform media, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on Wednesday championed the revolutionary benefits that real-time planning can have on creative executions on- and…

June 20 1:26PM

How Nike+ Made 'Just Do It' Obsolete Stefan Olander on building a new ecosystem of engagement

CANNES, France—Nike and R/GA used a forum at the Cannes Lions festival here today to celebrate FuelBand, their latest collaboration in a growing set of workout-measurement services that are completely…

June 20 11:42AM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Mainardo De Nardis

Six Cannes Questions Mainardo De Nardis

June 20 9:32AM

BBH Scores Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness for Axe Angels Agency woos judges with brand turnaround story

CANNES, France—Just weeks before the London Olympics, ad agency BBH got Britain on the board at Cannes Lions here Tuesday, winning the Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness for its Axe…

June 19 3:33PM

Manning Gottlieb OMD Earns Media Grand Prix for Google's Phonetic Billboards Site-specific ads for Voice Search

CANNES, France—An endearingly quirky billboard campaign for Google Voice Search, featuring more than 150 site-specific ads with phonetic spellings of nearby landmarks, has earned London agency Manning Gottlieb OMD the…

June 19 3:33PM

Student Behind Steve Jobs Logo Wins Grand Prix for Ogilvy's Coke Poster Jung von Matt also wins top Outdoor prize for invisible Mercedes

CANNES, France—Student work doesn't get too much respect at Cannes. Until now. Jonathan Mak Long, the 20-year-old Hong Kong design student whose logo tribute to Steve Jobs rocketed around the world…

June 19 3:32PM

Grow Interactive Takes Mobile Grand Prix for Google's Coke App Buy the world a Coke, with your phone

CANNES, France—A collaboration between two global giants, Coca-Cola and Google, reeled in the Grand Prix in the inaugural year of the Mobile Lions contest here today. The winning execution, developed by…

June 19 3:31PM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Christoph Becker

Six Cannes Questions: Christoph Becker

June 19 2:56PM

Facebook Urges Creatives to Build New Worlds Around Ancient Insights After a false start, a manifesto from designer Paul Adams

CANNES, France—Moments into his seminar at the Cannes Lions festival here Tuesday, Facebook's global head of brand design, Paul Adams, froze with panic and could not continue. In what he…

June 19 10:38AM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Nancy Hill

Six Cannes Questions Nancy Hill

June 19 10:11AM

Coca-Cola Joins the Revolution in a World Where the Mob Rules Adapting to a networked planet run by consumers

CANNES, France—Invoking the spirit and language of modern revolution—everything from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement—Coca-Cola's top marketer on Tuesday explained how the company is adapting to a world…

June 19 5:37AM

Six Cannes Questions 2012: Jeff Goodby

Six Cannes Questions: Jeff Goodby

June 18 9:31PM

CP+B and Digitas Earn Their Second Grand Prix of 2012, in Direct, for AmEx Small Business Saturday is honored again

CANNES, France—Crispin Porter + Bogusky, an agency whose vitality has been questioned since Alex Bogusky left, has issued a strong rebuke to those who would question its continued relevance by…

June 18 4:08PM

JWT Takes PR Grand Prix for a Song That Ignited Puerto Rico Celebration of laziness becomes an anthem for work ethic

CANNES, France—JWT Puerto Rico won the Grand Prix in PR here on Monday for a Banco Popular campaign that got the world's most famous salsa band to re-record one of…

June 18 3:44PM

CP+B, Digitas Win Promo Grand Prix for AmEx's Small Business Saturday U.S. agencies score early win

CANNES, France—U.S. ad agencies got off to a good start at Cannes on Monday, with Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Digitas winning the Grand Prix in the Promo & Activation…

June 18 3:36PM

Nadia Comaneci Brings Her Perfect 10 to Cannes for Visa and TBWA Agency, client and athlete dissect Olympic campaign

CANNES, France—Thirty-six years after the momentous day in Montreal when she scored the first perfect 10 ever in Olympic gymnastics history, Nadia Comaneci still can't believe it really happened. "It's always…

June 18 10:43AM

Caine Monroy of Caine's Arcade Wants You to Be a Kid Again What can a 9-year-old boy teach you about creativity?

CANNES, France—"I did it because I wanted to have fun." Caine Monroy, the 9-year-old creator of Caine's Arcade, had the simplest explanation on Monday for how to be a successful entrepreneur…

June 18 7:19AM

History of the Cannes Lions, From Ad Films to a Carnival of Creativity How the festival evolved over the years, and what's new for 2012

CANNES, France—The 59th edition of the Cannes Lions festival is now under way. (Check out Adweek's full coverage at all week long.) But when the festival debuted in 1954,…

June 18 2:37AM

5 Cannes Hopefuls That Already Rocked Social Media Which Film entries were big runaway hits online?

Scores of TV commercials and online films will compete for the Film Grand Prix next week in Cannes. But many of the spots are already winners—with online audiences. Visible Measures, which…

June 15 12:50PM

How Much Do You Utterly Despise Working in Advertising?

Each year, one-third of ad-agency workers move to new jobs, according to research by Deutsch in Los Angeles. How can the industry slow this organ-grinding churn? The agency has some…

June 13 3:26PM

From the Archive: All the Big Film Winners at Cannes 2011 Get in the mood for this year's ad festival with last year's best spots

What better way to get in the spirit for Cannes 2012 than to watch all the big Film winners from last year's competition? Below, check out the best commercials from the…

June 13 12:47PM

20 Spots Vying for the Film Grand Prix: Which Is Your Favorite? Gunn Report sets online vote

The Film Grand Prix at Cannes perhaps isn't quite as glamorous as it used to be—following the addition of Titanium some years ago. But it's still a hugely coveted prize,…

June 12 10:14AM

The Elements of a Cannes Award Jury chair Rob Reilly on what it takes to win the Titanium Lions and why categories keep multiplying

Cannes Titanium Lions are among the upcoming ad bonanza’s most coveted awards. They’re also the hardest to define. Rob Reilly, Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s worldwide chief creative officer and 2012…

June 12 12:06AM

Fast Chat: IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg IAB to host mobile forum at Cannes

Next week, as the ad world gathers for awards, champagne, sun and maybe even some work (or talk about work), mobile is finally getting its due in Cannes, France. On…

June 12 12:00AM

'Adweek' Presents Full Coverage of Cannes Lions 2012 A preview package, and live reports from the festival

The 59th International Festival of Creativity at Cannes, which opens this coming Sunday, promises to be one of the most competitive ever. Entries to the global award show have climbed…

June 11 7:09AM

Mars Turns Out the Sweetest Creative Four agency stars look back at their work on the candy brands being honored at Cannes

At first glance, many Cannes Lion-winning ads from Mars— the festival's Advertiser of the Year for 2012—appear to be off-the-wall, absurdist and just plain random. Take "Sheep Boys," a Skittles ad…

June 11 7:09AM

Cannes 2012: Work to Watch 'Adweek' and Leo Burnett pick favorites to win Lions at this year's festival

The Cannes Lions festival has been moving away from its focus on TV spots in recent years. In 2012, for the first time in 25 years of forecasts, fewer than…

June 11 6:52AM

The Most Nakedly Brilliant Call-for-Entries Video Ever (NSFW)

A while back, Hustler released an adult-film that parodied famous commercials. Now, in a similar spirit (though not quite as filthy), Saatchi & Saatchi London has created this hilarious call-for-entries…

March 28 10:12AM

The Agency Sea Change at Kraft Foods Marketing leader Dana Anderson discusses new relationships

In nearly three years as a marketing leader at Kraft Foods, Dana Anderson has overseen a sea change. A traditional, Midwestern packaged-goods company known for long relationships with global agencies…

November 3 5:49PM

Brazilian Shop Loses Cannes Lion Won for Bogus Kia Pedophilia Ad

It took long enough, but Cannes organizers are finally rescinding the Silver Lion in Press awarded to a notorious pedophilia-themed Kia ad, created by Brazilian agency Moma Propaganda, that the…

July 21 8:25AM

Cannes Lions 2011: Lessons Learned

June 29 12:04PM

The World's Best Commercials, 2010-11

In the esteemed opinion of the Film Lions jury and the Film Craft Lions jury at Cannes, these are the best commercials of the past year—15 individual spots, along with…

June 26 1:08PM

Droga5 Is Toast of Cannes With 3 Grand Prix

Droga5 in New York ruled Cannes on Saturday night, adding its second and third Grand Prix of the 2011 festival—an Integrated Grand Prix for its Jay-Z Decoded work, and a…

June 25 1:31PM

Wieden + Kennedy Picks Up Film Grand Prix for Nike's 'Write the Future'

Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, won the Film Grand Prix at the 2011 Cannes Lions festival on Saturday for its electric Nike "Write the Future" spot, made for the 2010 World…

June 25 1:19PM

AMV BBDO Wins Inaugural Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in London took home the first-ever Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness at the Cannes Lions festival on Saturday, honored for its work on behalf of Walkers…

June 25 12:58PM

Six Questions: Bob Jeffrey

June 23 5:46PM

Six Cannes Questions 2011: Bob Jeffrey

June 23 5:35PM

Full Winners Lists: Press, Cyber, Design

Click through to see all the winners in these categories: Press Lions Cyber Lions Design Lions

June 23 10:02AM

Chicago's Digital Kitchen Earns Design Grand Prix for Digitizing Hotel Interior

The U.S. has earned its second Grand Prix of the 2011 Cannes Lions, with Digital Kitchen in Chicago topping the Design contest for its stunning, digitally infused interior-design work at…

June 22 1:25PM

JWT Shanghai Wins Press Grand Prix for Samsonite Print Ad

A print ad for Samsonite's Cosmolite suitcase, depicting a classical-style heaven-and-hell scene, has earned JWT Shanghai the Grand Prix in the 2011 Press Lions contest at Cannes.      The point of…

June 22 1:00PM

Full Winners Lists: Outdoor, Media, Radio

Click through to see all the winners in these categories: Outdoor Lions Media Lions Radio Lions

June 22 7:44AM

Droga5 Wins Outdoor Grand Prix for Jay-Z's 'Decoded' Campaign

Droga5 in New York nabbed the Grand Prix in Outdoor at Cannes on Tuesday for its playful, ingenious and grand out-of-home campaign for Jay-Z's autobiography, Decoded.      The campaign was a…

June 21 3:30PM

Network BBDO Takes Radio Grand Prix With Creepy Mercedes Ads

Network BBDO in Johannesburg, South Africa, has won the Radio Grand Prix at the 2011 Cannes Lions for a set of creepy-comic ads promoting Mercedes-Benz's accident avoidance features.      The narrators…

June 21 3:29PM

It's the Creatives' Turn at Cannes

The jam band's deep bass line made it impossible to do Web video interviews outside the Majestic Hotel. It's after 5 p.m. now and the creatives are restless and starting…

June 21 11:41AM

Shortlists Unveiled in Cyber and Design Lions

Click through to see the shortlists in these categories: Cyber Lions Design Lions

June 21 8:28AM

Full Winners Lists: Direct, Promo, PR

Click through to see all the winners in these categories: Direct Lions Promo & Activation Lions PR Lions

June 21 8:20AM

Robert Redford on Cannes and Content

In a nod to long-form creative, Robert Redford Tuesday received a rousing welcome from the packed hall after being welcomed by Yahoo’s Ross Levinsohn at the Content and Conversation Catalyst…

June 21 7:08AM

Notable Work: Protest TSA Searches With T-Shirts Printed in Metallic Ink

The U.S. won a Gold Lion at the Cannes festival Monday in the Promo & Activation Lions category for an ingenious campaign that fuses politics and fashion: 4th Amendment Wear,…

June 20 4:02PM

Clemenger BBDO Tops PR Lions With Bank's Breakup Campaign

Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, Australia, has won the 2011 Grand Prix in PR for an integrated campaign that used the concept of a public breakup to distinguish National Australia Bank…

June 20 2:24PM

McCann Romania Wins 2 Grand Prix, in Promo and Direct

McCann Erickson's Bucharest office has won the first two Grand Prix of the 2011 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity—in the Promo & Activation and Direct contests—for a sneaky campaign in…

June 20 1:29PM

Is Cannes Really a Tech Conference?

My Father’s Day cards are mixed in with my Cannes programs and guides. The vague aches and delirium of flying though the night from JFK strapped into a middle seat…

June 20 10:40AM

Shortlists Unveiled in Press, Outdoor, Media, and 4 Other Categories

Click through to browse the shortlists in the following categories: Direct Lions Promo & Activation Lions PR Lions Outdoor Lions Media Lions Radio Lions Press Lions

June 20 9:42AM

The Can't-Miss at Cannes

Creative leaders and communications experts from around the globe will gather on the French Riviera beginning June 19 for the 58th annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the most…

June 17 12:49PM

Archive: Grand Prix Winners in Film & Press Since 2000

Welcome to Adweek's blog for Cannes Lions 2011. We'll be posting updates from the south of France throughout the festival. To get us in the mood, here's a look back…

June 17 10:44AM

Eric Schmidt Named Cannes' Media Person of the Year Google exec will be honored June 22

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has been named Media Person of the Year by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and will be honored June 22 in the Palais…

May 19 10:04AM

Cannes shares Zuckerberg and other Q&As

The Cannes organizers have finally gotten around to sharing the last batch of videos from last month's festival (footage that was previously marooned inside the site). A backstage…

July 12 12:29PM

Watch the top 18 Film winners from Cannes

We've put the Grand Prix winner and all 17 gold Lion winners from this year's Film Lions competition on one page. Watch all of the ads here.

June 28 2:02PM

Adweek to offer live coverage from Cannes

It's that time of year again—time for advertising's heavyweights to gather in the south of France for a celebration of the industry's top creative product. We'll be on the…

June 18 10:49AM

Burnett man will do what you say at Cannes

David Perez, creative recruiter at Leo Burnett, wanted to go to Cannes. He wanted it hard. How hard? Hard enough to whore himself out to your every tweeted whim.…

June 10 9:01AM

Would a baby app scare guys into safe sex?

Here's a case study for a fictional Durex iPhone app that simulates the experience of having a newborn. Created for the Cannes Future Lions 2010 competition, the video shows…

June 3 3:59PM

Cannes 48 Hour ad contest's winners named

Andrew Dobbie, 25, of JWT Manchester and Rachel Wolak, 28, of Crispin Porter + Bogusky have been named the winners of the 48 Hour YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad…

June 2 9:12AM

Dudes will drink turd water to get to Cannes

Warning: gross. The creative brief went up this weekend for the YouTube-Cannes Young Lions 48 Hour Ad Contest. Contestants had two days to concept, shoot and upload PSAs for…

May 17 2:07PM

Probably your only chance to get to Cannes

Cannes is an especially tough ticket to cadge nowadays. But there are plenty of side doors. If the Ogilvy contest was too salesy for your creative sensibilities, there's always…

April 27 9:06AM

Cannes feels your pain, but is that enough?

The recession is over. Maybe. The ad world certainly hopes so, having shed an estimated 46,000 jobs during the Great Recession. The lucky few who remain are breathing…

January 7 2:02PM

Yes We Cannes: a Week of Celebration and Hope

CANNES, FRANCE Attendance and award entries were down 40 percent. Still, hope springs eternal in ad land, as executives expressed faith that the worst is over and celebrated work they…

June 29 12:00AM

Cannes: Obama Wins Titanium, Integrated Prizes; Tribal DDB Scores for Film

CANNES, FRANCE The marketing campaign that took Barack Obama, a little-known African American senator with only two years of experience in Washington, to the U.S. presidency was honored with the…

June 27 12:00AM

Cannes Video: Spike Lee on UGC

Spike Lee is in Cannes to talk about user-generated content and his participation in the MOFILM competition. Twelve brands participated in the contest, including AT&T, Best Buy, Doritos, Nokia, Philips…

June 26 12:00AM

Cannes Report: Lessons From Brand Obama

CANNES, FRANCE As far as a campaign brief goes, taking a man with barely two years in the U.S. Senate and making him the most powerful person in the world…

June 25 12:00AM

3rd Cannes Grand Prix for CumminsNitro

CANNES, FRANCE CumminsNitro's "Best job in the world" campaign for Tourism Queensland won a Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes on Wednesday night -- its third Grand Prix of the festival.Cyber…

June 24 12:00AM

Cannes Video: R/GA's Nick Law

NEW YORK The shop's N.A. creative chief talks about the blurring of digital and traditional agencies.VISIT REALTIMECANNES.COM FOR COMPLETE FESTIVAL COVERAGE

June 23 12:00AM

Adweek Covers Cannes in Real Time

Adweek has launched a new site,, to cover the 56th International Advertising Festival in Cannes. The venue will live as a "stream," with fresh pieces of content building through…

June 22 12:00AM

Cannes Picks

Attendance is down and so are the entries, but it goes without saying that fabulous work will be celebrated at this week's festival. The recession, of course, will temper the…

June 21 12:00AM

Adweek launches site

The 56th International Advertising Festival opens this weekend in Cannes, France. To cover the proceedings, Adweek is launching a brand-new Cannes site,, where digital editor Brian Morrissey and…

June 19 10:04AM

Opinion: Obama Merits Titanium at Cannes

In our age of consumer engagement and brand conversation, the work that encourages the greatest level of participation stands to win big at Cannes. And no recent ad or promotional effort…

June 8 12:00AM

Y&R Presents Roger Daltrey at Cannes

NEW YORK Legendary singer-songwriter Roger Daltrey, front man of The Who, will take the stage at the Palais des Festivals at the Cannes Lions Festival in June.The Y&R-sponsored presentation from…

April 27 12:00AM

Cannes to Honor Steve Ballmer

LONDON Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer will be honored as Media Person of the Year at the Cannes International Advertising Festival in June. Festival organizers said Ballmer (pictured) was chosen "in…

March 30 12:00AM

DDB Brings Obama Strategist to Cannes

NEW YORK DDB Worldwide is bringing David Plouffe, Barack Obama's marketing strategist, to Cannes this year. Plouffe is scheduled to speak on the "Audacity of Successful Brands" on June 25…

March 3 1:00AM

Cannes Taps Droga as Titanium and Integrated Jury Chief

LONDON David Droga has been selected to lead the Cannes Lions Titanium and Integrated Jury for the upcoming ad festival. "I am extremely flattered to be asked. These categories represent the…

February 2 1:00AM

Cannes Names Leaders for Cyber, Design

NEW YORK Lars Bastholm, co-CCO at AKQA, has been named chairman of the Cannes 2009 Cyber Lions jury, and Sylvia Vitale Rotta, CEO of Team Creatif, has been appointed president…

January 27 1:00AM

Brien Leads Cannes Media Jury

NEW YORK Nick Brien, president and CEO of IPG's Mediabrands, has been tapped to chair the Media jury at the 2009 Cannes Lions Ad Festival.Commenting on his selction, Brien said:…

January 14 1:00AM

Lubars to Helm Film, Print Juries at Cannes

NEW YORK David Lubars, chairman and CCO of BBDO North America, has been named president of the Film and Press juries for the 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival."I'm humbled…

December 5 1:00AM

Design the official T-shirt for Cannes 2009

Uniqlo, the Japanese apparel company that swept the advertising award shows this year with its entertaining blog widget, is teaming up with the Cannes International Advertising Festival for a…

December 1 12:43PM

Cannes Adds PR Lions

NEW YORK The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival has added another competition to its 2009 lineup, the PR Lions, and has named Tim Bell, chairman of Chime Communications, chair of…

November 12 1:00AM

Penney CMO: Saatchi's Response OK

NEW YORK JC Penney chief marketing officer Mike Boylson said today that he was satisfied with lead creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi's response to the "Speed Dressing" fracas at the…

July 3 12:00AM

Unlucky Penney: Epoch Caught With Its Pants Down

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.NEW YORK The flap surrounding the spot in the name of JC Penney that won a bronze Lion at Cannes, only to be withdrawn after…

June 30 12:00AM

Confusion in Cannes

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.CANNES, FRANCE If one piece was the talk of Cannes, it was HBO's "Voyeur." BBDO weaved together 11 different elements, including a compelling video-rich Web…

June 23 12:00AM

Cannes: Cadbury, Xbox Take Film Kudos

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.CANNES, FRANCE Four Grand Prix Lions were awarded at the final prize ceremony at the 55th International Advertising Festival here tonight, with two top honors…

June 21 12:00AM

Sorrell Questions Google's Intentions

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.CANNES, FRANCE With Google's deal to serve search results on Yahoo! barely one week old, it was only fitting that WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell…

June 20 12:00AM

Energizer Takes Press, Coke Rules Design

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.CANNES, FRANCE DDB South Africa swept the Press category, nabbing the Grand Prix at Cannes for its work on behalf of Energizer while Turner Duckworth…

June 18 12:00AM

HBO's 'Voyeur' Wins Outdoor Grand Prix

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.CANNES, FRANCE Three Grand Prix Lions were awarded at the Media, Outdoor and Radio Lions Awards ceremony at the 55th International Advertising Festival here tonight.…

June 17 12:00AM

Will Cannes Make the Leap?

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CANNES COVERAGE.This week, more than 12,000 members of the ad industry will descend on the South of France in their yearly pilgrimage to honor the craft…

June 16 12:00AM

Cannes Film Jury: All Screens Welcome

NEW YORK The Cannes Film jury this year will consider spots made for screens other than TV and cinema, such as the Internet, mobile and branded content, the organization said…

March 18 12:00AM

Cannes to Honor P&G

NEW YORK Procter & Gamble will be named Advertiser of the Year at the 55th Cannes Lions Festival in June. The award is given to advertisers whose marketing is inspiring…

February 11 1:00AM

Cannes Lions to Intro Design Prizes

NEW YORK After 54 years, the Cannes Lions are finally adding Design. At the 55th International Advertising Festival next June, Design Lions as well as a Grand Prix will be…

November 13 1:00AM

Cannes: The 'Evolution' of Advertising

CANNES, FRANCE "Evolution" was the watchword at the 2007 Cannes Lions, as 11,000 delegates from the ad industry gathered in the South of France to celebrate creativity and contemplate how…

June 23 12:00AM


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