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Will These Metrics Become the New Standard for Measuring ROI?

Time equals money
  • March 18, 2015, 11:45 PM EDT
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Marketers face evolving challenges when it comes to measuring ROI. While most recognize the value of active exposure time—how long users are engaging with a campaign—they have yet to truly put it to work in a meaningful, consistent way.

Knowing how much time a user is spending with content is not only an indication of the campaign's effectiveness—it's also a good predictor of the likelihood a user will come back for more.

Our new report, "The Four Data Science Studies Brands Are Putting Their Money Behind" focuses on how attention-based metrics are helping brands achieve their marketing goals. It also includes tips for how your brand can convert to a system that values customer attention over more superficial metrics.


The Four Data Science Studies Brands Are Putting Their Money Behind

Attention-based metrics are becoming the new standard in measuring ROI and demonstrating marketing efficiency. Learn how to boost customer loyalty, recall and acquisition through increased engagement time in our new report.

And while engaged time is useful as a standalone metric, it's also a good lens through which to view a number of other success indicators, such as:

  • Brand recall: Longer engagement times are directly related to increased brand recognition, as one study found that users who experienced a campaign for at least five seconds demonstrated 79 percent greater brand recall.
  • Understanding the message: We also found that users with a better comprehension of a brand's offerings are more inclined to spend more time with that brand's content. Creating awareness around what your brand has to offer can make all the difference, especially in saturated markets.
  • Managing brand perception: The more time that users spend with your content, the more likely they are to have a favorable perception of your brand. We found that 48% of users who engaged with a brand's content for more than a minute held a favorable view of that brand, while only 33% of users who engaged with the same content for less than 15 seconds held a similarly favorable view.

Measuring active user time can help you separate successful media buys from wasted impressions. Check out our report for more information on making your marketing efforts more valuable.