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This Is How to Sell Cars With Data in 2015

Two words: multiscreen programmatic
  • October 12, 2014, 9:58 PM EDT
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Today's car shoppers are universally connected, but conventional targeting methods are less effective than ever, thanks to the proliferation of channels, screens and digital choices.

On average, consumers who are near- or in-market can be expected to research a vehicle on nine different websites, half of which are controlled by third parties. Consequently, automotive advertisers must position themselves to be both local and relevant, and that means targeting the right audience through digital channels.


Free download: Using Multiscreen Programmatic Campaigns to Drive Automotive Marketing

Check out our guide to learn how marketers can leverage new, sophisticated data and analytics tools to tap the multiscreen consumer and build a connected brand experience.

The new, programmatic approach uses multisource data to find and target the buying audience with online, display, video and television ads. Our in-depth guide, "Using Multiscreen Programmatic Campaigns to Drive Automotive Marketing," explains how automotive marketers can leverage this information to tap into the multiscreen consumer and build a connected brand experience.

Through a combination of in-house profiling, past purchase data and rich demographic insights, marketers can define and then target near- and in-market consumers with solutions like Collective Wheelhouse, which effectively merges online and offline data and insights from JD Power, Insight Express and Nielsen XCR.

The US Automotive industry's digital advertising spend is expected to grow to nearly $11 billion through 2018. Learn more about using multiscreen programmatic solutions for your next automotive campaign by downloading the full text of our free guide: