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How BMW and Mercedes-Benz Are Pushing the Boundaries of Auto Marketing

Revved up visuals
  • March 29, 2016, 11:45 PM EDT
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Illustration: Kevin Jay Stanton

Test-driving a car is hard work compared to watching a test drive video on your phone. No wonder the process of buying an automobile is changing, and today's consumers are eager to research—and purchase—their dream rides online. According to a 2015 survey conducted by Accenture of 10,000 consumers, 75 percent said they would consider taking the whole car purchasing process online.

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What hasn't changed is using great images to sell cars—if anything, great images have gotten even more important. Although consumers now prefer digital showrooms, they still want to inspect all of the bells and whistles and see how a vehicle fits into their lifestyle. So how will car marketers deliver dealership-quality visuals online? 

Our guide, "The Visual Superhighway," teaches auto brands how to use visuals and cutting-edge technology to create highly engaging experiences for consumers. Inside you'll find articles, interviews and how-tos on everything from marketing cars on Instagram and using image recognition for customer insight to virtual reality test-drives and the future of auto advertising.

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And the content isn't just predictive and instructive. It's also full of actionable takeaways, showcasing how brands such as BMW, Ford and Mercedes-Benz are using visuals to push the boundaries of automotive marketing.

Whether physically walking through a dealership or digitally surfing the web, consumers expect a compelling visual experience as they make their way to a purchase. Our guide aims to help you and your brand meet those expectations head on. Take a look