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This Is What a Killer Instagram Ad Campaign Looks Like

Lessons from the visual web
  • February 29, 2016, 11:45 PM EST
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Illustration: Sergio Membrillas

Most marketers know visual content is where it's at. According to CMO Council, 65 percent of marketing executives believe that visual assets are core to how their brand story is communicated. But creating innovative and effective campaigns on Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and other visual-based marketing channels can be challenging, to say the least.


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 In our new "Straightforward Guide to Marketing With Visuals," we turn the spotlight on five successful campaigns from brands such as Izze, Sour Patch Kids and Oreo, along with actionable insights about how each brand is reaching consumers and keeping them engaged with visual media.

For example, cosmetic brand Elizabeth Arden wanted to reach a more engaged audience during the key back-to-school period and decided that stunning visual ad formats was a great way to do that. Ultimately, the brand experimented with in-image ad units, resulting in a higher CTR and more fragrance sales.

To learn more about the Elizabeth Arden campaign and other takeaways that can be applied to your own brand, download the complete guide below:                                                            

Check out the Straightforward Guide to Marketing With Visuals