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These Finance Content Marketing Trends Will Dominate 2015

Solid strategies to reach new demographics
  • September 14, 2014, 11:50 PM EDT
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Illustration by Kyle Fewell

 Kevin Spacey recently delivered the keynote speech at the annual Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, Ohio. The mere announcement of his participation in this event had many asking, "What on Earth does Kevin Spacey have to do with content marketing?"

While a quick scroll through Spacey's quotes on the #CMWorld Twitter hashtag will provide an answer—he actually knows quite a lot—Spacey was also the face of a major pivot in E-Trade's content strategy.

The financial services company put itself on the viral map with those talking baby commercials, and this year its marketing team decided to go in a more serious direction, offering authoritative ads featuring Spacey, informative videos and weekly pieces of thought leadership on investment strategy.

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The move was a smart one, considering finance companies have a built-in advantage for creating engaging content: They have the knowledge and tools to help people be smarter with their money and grow their wealth. This is a big reason why the financial services industry has been a leader in the new brand publishing frontier—especially when it comes to mobile and video, the two trends BuzzFeed recently declared the future of branded content.

Prominent examples of Forbes BrandVoice content include HSBC exploring global trade and Citi telling inspiring stories about businesses that do social good. Meanwhile, American Express OPEN continues to thrive, and upstarts like Kabbage are putting a fresh and informative spin on finance content.

So, how can more financial service providers plant their own stakes in the content marketing game, and how can those with solid strategies reach new demographics and keep loyal ones coming back for more?

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