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A Content Marketing Playbook From Top Consumer Brands

Lessons and strategies
  • February 26, 2014, 8:18 AM EST
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Content: The coolest trend since tandem skydiving. Clarissa Blanco

Just a few years ago, consumer packaged goods brands didn't know what success in a new world powered by content and social media looked like—never mind how to achieve it. But the recent past has brought a slew of content marketing breakthroughs and successes for CPG brands, which in turn has led to bolder experimentation.

This is welcome news, but it doesn't change the fact that most players in this space still have a long way to go.

A few CPG brands such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola and Oreo are at the top with a clear strategy in place, a commitment to content and the infrastructure to succeed. These companies have reinvented themselves as legitimate media outlets capable of competing with traditional publishers for consumer attention. Everyone else is either just beginning to figure out a content strategy, or eager to get started but at a loss for what steps to take.

Contently's new ebook, "Consumer Packaged Content: How Storytelling Is Transforming CPG Marketing," is the ultimate playbook for CPG content marketers. It dives deep into successful campaigns by pioneer brands and comes away with a blueprint for the rest of the industry to follow, examining topics such as:

Distribution Advances
Distribution options for all kinds of content are evolving faster than you can say "duck-billed platypus." Facebook's ad exchange and Twitter's Tailored Audiences are just two of a dizzying array of options brands can use to get the right eyeballs on their content.

Publisher Partnerships
Publishers are embracing sponsored content as the business model of the future, and brands are poised to take advantage. A study conducted by IPG Media Lab found that those who viewed a page that contained a piece of branded content were 41 percent more likely to express an intent to buy the brand's product than a visitor who viewed a page without branded content.

Traditional Media Gaps
The economic realities of the digital age have forced media companies to simultaneously go broader and cover less in pursuit of click-worthy content. That's opened up an opportunity for brands to feed hungry, quality content–deprived audiences. Just as Red Bull capitalized on the lack of media attention to extreme sports, other CPG brands have to locate the opportunities available to them.

By the end of 2014, the state of content marketing in the CPG industry will again look far different than it does today. Get the full text of the "Consumer Packaged Content" ebook here: