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The Social Advertising Cheat Sheet Every Marketer Needs

Comparing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • December 3, 2013, 12:17 PM EST
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So you're a marketer with good content—text, graphic, images, video—and you've decided to use paid social promotion on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as part of your campaign's distribution strategy. The problem is, advertising options on the various social networks are confusing at best.

You might know that 80 percent of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook, while LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate—nearly three times higher when compared to Facebook and Twitter. But that doesn't explain the differences between a Facebook Promoted Post and a Facebook Sponsored Story, or when should you use Twitter instead of Facebook.


This is where the Social Advertising Cheat Sheet comes in (see graphic at right). Part of NewsCred's "Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution," the chart helpfully outlines each of these options and their competitive advantages. There's an explanation of where each ad shows up on the network (newsfeed, home page), what kind of content it's best used for (images, content marketing) and what metrics to measure to gauge success.

To read more about these and other distribution strategies and get a printable version of the cheat sheet, click below.

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