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So You Want to Build an Awesome Team of Content Marketers

Here's a cheat sheet to get started
  • March 25, 2014, 8:30 AM EDT
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Content creation is a major pain point for many brands. Organizations delegate writing tasks to employees who aren't experienced writers, and it shows when the results fail to perform or, worse, alienate customers. Meanwhile, businesses think these are wise, cost-effective decisions. They're not.

Thanks to highly self-directed and research-driven buyers, content has become the heart and soul of marketing. But as many brands have learned, good content, whether thought leadership or Vines or Facebook posts, is far from easy. Marketers need help but aren't sure where to look.  


The guide also includes a chapter about how to work with freelance writers—assign them beats and areas of focus, let them know how their work performs, pay them immediately—as well as tips drawn from successful brand newsrooms and information about content marketing KPIs.The first step is to come up with a strategy that works for your organization and budget. "The Ultimate Guide to Branded Content" from by NewsCred is full of how-tos for brand managers and marketers. It includes a chart of content marketing ecosystems (at right), which weighs the strengths and drawbacks of different content channels, from original contributions by freelancers to posts from community members to articles licensed from other publishers. 

Today's online audiences are bombarded with information, and the competition for consumer eyeballs is intense. To stand out, inspire audiences and add value for your brand, your content needs to be awesome. And to create awesome content you need an awesome team. Read the full text of "The Ultimate Guide to Branded Content":