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Healthcare Marketers Are Behind the Curve on Content

But a few pioneers are breaking through
  • August 19, 2014, 12:45 AM EDT
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Illustration by Kyle Fewell

We've all been there—Googling a laundry list of symptoms out of concern that our cough and runny nose could be something more serious.

In fact, the third most popular online activity—right behind checking email and using a search engine—is looking for answers to health-related questions, according to a Pew Internet survey. And it isn't only people with the common cold. Those suffering from severe illnesses research medical questions online, too.

The Internet has extended the influence of healthcare providers far beyond hospitals and doctors' offices. Yet the information that patients find online is often inadequate for their individual needs. In light of this, providers are discovering how important it is to control the accuracy of content they produce online.

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Additionally, with great power comes great responsibility, especially if your demographic is looking to self-diagnose. After all, if you're a healthcare provider, the ramifications of misleading content are much greater than if you're a software company. People's lives are in your hands.

Organizations including the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Mayo Clinic have benefited in tangible ways from content marketing efforts. However, the healthcare industry on the whole lags up to two years behind in terms of producing engaging content, according to one study.

So how can healthcare companies make sure that patients turn to their resources for crucial advice, and how can they offer the safest and most beneficial information possible?

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Whether a brand is looking to start a marketing initiative or vying to improve existing efforts, understanding the landscape can mean the difference between success and failure.

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