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How Banks Can Reach Millennials With Content

Increases trust, study finds
  • October 19, 2014, 11:59 PM EDT
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The group most receptive to financial content was millennials, according to our study.

Financial institutions might have a public relations problem, but the fact is that everyone still needs a place to put their cash. One way banks can repair that relationship is by creating content that helps customers make important financial decisions. And it turns out that the group most receptive to such content is millennials.

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This is the takeaway of a recent study we conducted about content marketing in the financial services industry. As seen in the graphic below, over half of respondents said they would feel more loyal to their banks if they provided helpful content like investing tips and advice about household finances. Specifically, millennials said they would prefer to see non-finance related content from banks, too, such as travel tips, career guidance, and technology news.

These findings, together with some practical advice for content marketers trying to reach financial services customers, are assembled in our new guide, "The Trust Transaction: How Content Can Transform the Way Banks Connect With People."

In addition to a focus on millennials, which were found to be the most engaged audience, there are also insights about how banks can prove ROI with content as well as case studies on Barclay's, HSBC, and other financial brands proving the value of content marketing.

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