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Brands Are Measuring Content All Wrong

Bad metrics leading them astray
  • May 19, 2014, 1:12 AM EDT
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If you’re reading this, chances are that you work in content marketing and aren’t sure that you’re measuring a campaign’s success in the smartest possible way.

For 20 years, the digital publishing world has been beholden to the pageview, an imperfect metric that fails to tell you what actually happens after a user arrives. And as brands have rushed to create their own content in recent years, they’ve inherited this reliance on the pageview.

As a result, brands are gauging success with tools that aren’t capable of providing actionable feedback about content or audience.

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While publishers and brands have lately adopted a slew of proxy metrics—such as social shares and likes—those too have proven inadequate at measuring content’s true return on investment. In fact, in a recent survey Contently found that only nine percent of brand publishers are confident that the metrics they’re using are effective in measuring business results.

In “The New World of Content Measurement,” Contently examines how flawed metrics came to dominate the media world, and how a growing movement has emerged to replace those metrics with superior indicators of success. We look at where current metrics fall short, explain what should replace them and predict how content measurement will evolve and grow more sophisticated over the next five years.

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