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3 Steps to Creating Personalized Customer Experiences for Your Brand

Context, content and connectivity
  • February 24, 2015, 11:45 PM EST
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Targeted customer experiences are the focus of today's digital marketing world. Thanks to the wealth of data available through today's consumer tracking systems, audience platforms have opened up a world of opportunity, making it possible to reach consumers across multiple channels and devices. 

The problem, however, is that all this valuable customer data is isolated. It's stuck in silos, unable to be unified with brand goals, strategies and technologies. In other words, it's still organized to suit the traditional marketing goal: optimizing the "marketing funnel" and the media that the customer interacts with at each stage.

Our fourth annual Marketing Imperatives e-book, "Mastering the Addressable Customer Experience," helps marketers break away from these traditional objectives and create efficient, insightful and tailored customer experiences.

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We explain how to execute a customer-centric experience by optimizing your supply chain, leveraging what we call the "3 Cs"—context, content and connectivity—and consolidating your marketing technology stack. These three steps can help you build compelling, personalized customer relationships that yield high returns for your brand.

The customer has always been right, but these days they're more "right" than they know. According to a CEI report, 86 percent of shoppers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1 percent feel that brands consistently meet their expectations.

Brands that rise to meet the expectations of their customers will be rewarded with the competitive advantage. Creating a tailored customer experience is the first step, and our guide provides you with the industry insight to do just that. Have a look, and see how mastering the addressable customer experience can change your marketing strategy for the better.