Zoom, LocaModa Strike Interactive DOOH Deal

Zoom Media & Marketing is partnering with LocaModa (an interactive software platform) to bring interactive content and advertising, as well as social media, to its digital out-of-home social network in 600 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the top 10 markets.

The long-term strategic partnership, being announced today, has already signed its first client, a TV network looking to engage potential viewers to tout its new fall programming.

Zoom is one of several digital out-of-home companies evolving the medium into an interactive one, an increasingly attractive proposition for advertisers looking to engage consumers when they are most receptive to messages.

“Bars are the ultimate interactive environment, a perfect venue for the convergence of digital out-of-home and mobile applications,” said Dan Levi, senior vp of digital media and strategic partnerships for Zoom. “The young urban adult generation has never thought in terms of separate screens, so giving them the ability to interact with content and each other is natural.”