From Zabar’s With Love

Ed Eskandarian, chairman of Arnold Communications, is called the “Merger-meister” because of the many successful agency unions he has engineered.
However, there’s one pending Arnold-related agreement in which Eskandarian apparently did not play a role.
The deal was struck between one of the Boston agency’s staffers and an executive from a crosstown rival during a visit to New York.
Final negotiations took place during a lunch appointment at Zabar’s deli, a longtime favorite of the Madison Avenue crowd. Elaine Totten, a senior art buyer at Arnold, accepted a proposal from Robert Davis, executive creative director of One to One, the direct response unit of Ingalls Advertising.
Terms of the deal were not disclosed, though sources said Davis did resort to “bended knee” to get the deal done. The packed lunchtime crowd “roared” their approval when Totten accepted, Adweek learned.
The pair, both veterans of New York agencies, met while working at Ingalls.
They plan to be wed in September at their new home in Milton, Mass.
–David Gianatasio