Y&R Takes A Road Trip

An an effort to spread the word about a Swiss premium chocolate, Young & Rubicam has enlisted two guys with British accents who drive scooters and wear green parkas.
Toblerone’s first broadcast campaign began this month with three spots (one is shown here) during late-night and primetime programming; another three will roll out in 1999.
The work features “Robert” and “Digger,” who, among other things, approach a border crossing with backpacks full of Toblerone, sing a jingle, hand out bars door to door and lay pieces of the triangular chocolate next to a miniature camel on a park bench. The tagline: “Chocolate can really do that.”
The New York agency wanted to illustrate the deliciousness of the Kraft Foods’ chocolate without resorting to closeups of the bar itself, said Jayne Evans, account managing director at Y&R.
“I guess it’s our version of Easy Rider,” Evans said, when quizzed about the scooters. “We want to see how it goes. And then we have a long list of what we want to do.”
–Andrew McMains