You’ve Got Malevolence

Who is ZigVonZag? That’s what Cooper HMS wants to know. Someone using that name though America Online has been sending rather nasty e-mails to the Miami agency.
According to Cooper director of communications Tim Dodson, things have escalated to where chief executive officer Rick Cooper has handed the material over to company lawyers, who are asking for AOL’s help.
Adweek learned of the misinformation campaign when we received a message from the anonymous ZigVonZag a few weeks ago. It promised a “scoop on teetering Cooper HMS,” slammed agency management and claimed a mass exodus was under way.
Inquiring calls, however, revealed Cooper employees were not testing Miami’s job market, and the agency’s relationships with its two biggest clients, Florida Lottery and Carnival Cruises, appear to be anything but teetering.
As for Mr. ZigVonZag, when we tried to respond to his promise of a “scoop,” our e-mail was returned to sender. – T.W. Siebert