Yours truly, Monster boy

The pint-sized star of’s acclaimed “When I Grow Up” commercial has set his sights beyond middle management.
Eight-year-old Cole Hanson, who appeared in last year’s Super Bowl spot crafted by Mullen, Wenham, Mass., recently e-mailed the following to the client:
“My mom is helping me write this, and I want it to go to the president of I’m the boy in your commercial that ‘wants to claw my way to middle management.’ It’s been real fun being a Monster kid. I’m very proud, and have given my autograph to lots of kids at my school. I see myself on TV. My little sister laughs every time she sees me. Everyone at school, even the teachers, call me ‘Monster boy.’
“Maybe someday you can come to our farm and ride my horse. His name is Chase. I want to be a horse trainer, then I can boss myself.”
The ambitious Minnesotan even adds, “If you ever want me to be in a cool commercial, I’d be so proud.”
That kind of appeal, made directly to the company’s president, may just ensure that the youngster escapes the white collar shuffle after all.
–Lauren Wiley