You Don’t Have to Be Jewish for S.F. Film Fest

SAN FRANCISCO Publicis & Hal Riney’s two pro bono spots for the 25th anniversary of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, “Deli” and “Brisket,” break this week, according to the agency.

The Publicis Groupe shop here was asked to develop an integrated campaign that would not only promote attendance among the festival’s core audience, but also to position the event as more accessible to a broader viewership, an agency representative said. Riney creatives also developed posters, print ads and coffee cup sleeves.

Both spots open as scenes in Jewish films, only to break the cinematic flow by having a member of the movie crew show up mistakenly in the frame.

In “Deli,” a delicatessen owner is shown as a documentary subject, talking about how he has loved running his store for 40 years and would never sell it. “When I’m finished, I’m finished,” he says, matter-of-factly. “I’m gonna die here.” He is shown cutting meat, looking out the window and going about his daily tasks until he opens a freezer and, to his disgust, reveals a member of the film crew.

Onscreen copy, “The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, July 21-August 8,” concludes the spot.

“Brisket” shows a familiar scene of a mother and adult daughter cooking together in a kitchen, with the mother quizzing her daughter about her love life. She asks who the daughter is dating, what happened to that “nice boy” she brought over a month ago, and then says, “You’re not going to find anyone perfect.” Exasperated, the daughter pleads with her mom to just check on the brisket. As she takes the lid off the large pan, a microphone and a sound guy wearing headphones emerge. The spot has the same ending, showing the dates and location of the film festival.

The ads are running in movie theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area, and will also air as public service announcements on local television stations.