Yahoo Introduces New Search Platform

NEW YORK Yahoo has unveiled a new search product, which is meant to provide users with a cleaner, easier-to-use interface and faster ways to find relevant information. The Sunnyvale, Calif., company said the new offering will reduce the Web portal’s dependence on graphical ads and improve the relevance of ads and sponsored results.

Starting Monday, users can access the product at as part of a rollout that will be completed over the next few days.

Some of the new enhancements to Yahoo! Search include an extended query box and a horizontal tab menu to search the Web, Directory, News, Yellow Pages and Images. Users can also customize their search preferences; for instance, they can search in more than 30 different languages, choose the number of results displayed per page and open search results in a new window.

Yahoo also said that it is accelerating its efforts to integrate Inktomi’s search technology. The company bought Foster City, Calif., Inktomi last December.