Yaffe Tickles The Ivories

After eight decades in business, Grand Piano & Furniture was worried that a plan to change its name would confuse customers.
The Roanoke, Va., furniture retailer had decided to drop the word “piano” from its name since it hadn’t carried any for a number of years. To communicate the idea with style, the company’s agency, Yaffe & Co. in Southfield, Mich., came up with the idea of literally dropping a piano.
Yaffe created a memorable TV commercial in which a grand piano is dropped from the roof of the First Union Tower, Roanoke’s tallest building. The spot does double duty by reinforcing the retailer’s image as a leading home furnishings provider, said Jim Canham, Yaffe vice president.
“While the name change was the surface message, we were able to use it as a vehicle for reinforcing all the competitive advantages Grand has been providing for more than 80 years,” he said. –Tanya Gazdik