WSIB’s Farewell to Arms

Remember Saturday Night Live‘s “TV Funhouse”? Well, J.J. Sedelmaier, the animator behind those clips, has teamed with DraftFCB on a new spot for the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. The ad makes good use of off-kilter comedy to reinforce a serious point about workplace safety: If you don’t pay attention to such issues, your arm might get cut off. In “Scott,” a young man walks along a suburban street listening to his MP3 player when he runs into Scott, who is oblivious to his profusely bleeding bandaged arm. When Scott asks the young man about his music machine, the young man tells him he went to and won it there. While he is talking, a dog comes along and begins lapping up some of Scott’s blood. Scott then calls the guy a loser for going to such a Web site. At that point, a young woman rides up on her bicycle and hands Scott his severed arm. Overall, the spot is weird, funny and compelling.