Works Well With Krispy Kremes

If you milk the same cow over and over, someone once said, eventually you run out of milk, and all you have is the potential for hamburger. Well, Alex Zamiar has been milking the same cow, so to speak, during his long job search. But maybe now he has found some red meat.

Two years out of Syracuse, Zamiar, 24, decided to go beyond the standard cover letter and résumé. So the Chicago-based art director whipped up an irreverent eBay listing in which he offers to bring an “outside creative edge”—and more—to your agency.

Zamiar (shown here) donned a Strokes-hair-type wig for his photo in the ad, which advises agencies to “snatch him up right away—you’re bidding on one-week (extendable) service.” His asking price for the week is $2,000. Even he admits that’s steep. But look what you get: “Alex the Art director looks great in board meetings, concepts well with others and really knows how to take Direction,” says the ad. An extra bonus: “Winning bid will also receive a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on the last Friday of every week.”

The ad also urges agency folks to “ask him about his interests in motorcycles, fine arts and film theory, or just why the Rolling Stones are the greatest rock band ever.”

“I realize I’ll get a little criticism for it, but any advertising does,” Zamiar says. No bids had come in by press time last Friday, but Zamiar says the listing had received a whopping 1,500 hits. “That’s not a bad promotion,” he concludes. “I love this business. I love coming up with a crazy idea and going with it. It was easy with this one. I’m the client.”