Without a

Without a Script

Appropriately enough, when Mad Injection in New York set out to film a series of spots for the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, they did so without a craft-services table, filming permits or even a script. Creative director Mikal Reich took a cue from improv and cast his friends and co-workers in the ads, then dropped them into Big Apple locations and gave them only vague directives. From the cue “our car gets towed,” for example, came a spot that shows a pseudo-film crew chasing after a car being towed away, yelping that it is theirs. “What is fun about the spots is there isn’t some kind of long setup with a big punchline at the end,” says Reich. “The fun comes in seeing people’s faces—in watching them deal with it.” Eight spots have been culled from nearly 15 hours of film footage shot over two days and will debut today.

Sinatra’s Credit-Card Debt

Spokesmen don’t usually work for competing brands, but if they come from beyond the grave, it doesn’t seem to matter. Last year, MasterCard used Frank Sinatra’s distinctive “Summer Wind” in a spot showing a family at a baseball game. It was that inimitable voice that led Visa to use footage of the singer crooning “I’ve Got the World on a String” to introduce its Visa Signature card this summer. “If you’re going to talk about signature figures in America, there’s not much argument that the 20th-Century signature American singer is Frank Sinatra,” says BBDO senior ecd Jimmy Siegel. “The power of Sinatra to us is not just his voice—we looked hard and found wonderful footage.”

In Brief

The VCU Adcenter has postponed its second annual ad-roast fundraiser from Nov. 4 until February, because one of the agencies involved had a conflict with a new-business pitch, and one presenter had a death in the family. The same roasters and roastees—Steve Hayden on Lee Clow, Andy Berlin on Jeff Goodby and David Kennedy on Dan Wieden—will appear in February.