Witherspoon Adds Research Ally

Witherspoon Adver-tising & Public Relations has strengthened its research capabilities through an alliance with Strategic Insight Group.

The partnership en-ables Witherspoon to use SIG’s research methods to create a client’s strategic and creative ap-proach, the shop said.

The two Fort Worth, Texas, firms retain independent operations, but have begun co-pitching accounts that could benefit from what Witherspoon president Debra Morrow called “intelligence methodology.”

SIG uses a multisourced information-gathering approach. President Gordon “Dee” Smith said many of the disciplines he utilizes, like anthropology and sociology, are not typically used in business applications.

Smith said using more than one information tool is the only way “to get closer to the truth” since any single research technique is flawed in some way. Focus groups, for instance, may be useful for generating ideas and validating information, but are poor methods of gathering data, he said, because participants “become heavily influenced when leaders emerge and the dynamic of the group influences an outcome.”

Morrow said SIG’s holistic approach offers “a more sophisticated, intelligence-based branding capability, which provides more precise, actionable results.”