Wickersham Pushes ‘Care’

Magnavox Breaks Ads for Security Device
BOSTON–Wickersham Hunt Schwantner’s launch effort for a personal security device seeks to avoid scare tactics, opting instead for a montage of family images.
Two 30-second commercials target 35-50-year-olds and explain how SecureAlert’s Maganavox Mobile911, retailing for $199, can help protect aging parents and teens.
Billings were not disclosed but are believed to be in the low- to mid-seven-figure range.
“The key challenge [was] to create product demand without resorting to crime statistics and alarmism,” said Amy Hunt, creative director of Boston-based Wickersham Hunt. “People already have real fears. We’re interested in helping people live with them.”
The campaign is breaking in a “pilot phase” in select U.S. markets this month and is expected to roll out nationwide before year’s end. The buy will include Fox Family, Fox News, the Golf Channel and the Weather Channel. Wickersham Hunt is also handling media chores.
One ad spotlights teenage girls, the other aging parents. Both ads end with the tagline, “Take care.”