Whiskey Media Uncorks Screened.com

Whiskey Media, the digital media company launched in 2007 by CNET co-founder Shelby Bonnie, has launched Screened.com, a content site focused on video entertainment that will rely heavily on user participation.

, which focuses on movies, TV, Web video and other fare, is the fifth such social/community content site created by Whiskey. The others are GiantBomb.com, Anime Vice , Comic Vine and Tested. Each property mixes original, entertainment-junkie-oriented content with gaming elements.

Whiskey executives tout its sites’ high level of engagement as their key strength. Typically, users are encouraged to produce and share content on sites like Tested through organized competitions for virtual badges or points.

For example, GiantBomb was able to entice over 7,800 users to stream an average of 42 minutes of a promotional video for a particular video game to earn a rare badge.

The company has already previewed Screened to some of its existing user base, signing on 25,000 members who have created 46,000 individual movie pages on the site.

Going forward, Screened visitors will be encouraged to take on editorial “Quests”  — social games through which they’ll be encouraged to create new movie pages, edit content and initiate discussions.