What’s In A Name?

Getting the name right, in the case of Euro RSCG, can sometimes get a little confusing.
Euro shops are co-branded: They use both their well-established local name and the newer global network name; the network name can come either first or last.
For instance, the former Dahlin Smith White in Salt Lake City and San Francisco is now Euro RSCG DSW Partners, while Citron Haligman Bedecarre added Euro RSCG on the end. Tatham Euro RSCG in Chicago started with the local name first, but later switched positions.
Having the network name first suggests an office is ripe for merger with a sister shop, speculate some sources. Others argue the names indicate how long a leash each sibling gets.
Bob Schmetterer, network CEO, refuted both theories: “Each agency decides with Euro RSCG what works best for their market and their market situation. Tatham changed its name because that fit its positioning and growth plans.”
Still, Schmetterer insisted: “Our network branding concept is simple.”
Sure. – Joan Voight