What? iTunes? Here’s why: While Apple has not

What? iTunes? Here’s why: While Apple has not laid out plans to add advertising to its über-popular online music store, we’re willing to bet it’s a matter of time. Several high-traffic sites once verboten to advertisers, from Microsoft.com to HomeDepot.com to eBay, are now in play, thanks to a frothy online ad market. In iTunes, advertisers would find a large audience (21 million strong), spending MySpace-like time (over 90 minutes per visit) and a young-skewing demo (almost 35 percent are under 35.) What’s more, iTunes is a cornucopia of targeting information, thanks to the listening habits that Apple already tracks. Ads in the Music Store could easily serve as a bridge to ad-supported downloads, with brands ultimately making the leap to the iPod in exchange for discounted music.—Brian Morrissey