What do they mean by ‘Get out of your head’?

By Tim Nudd


The theme of Advertising Week 2010 is "Get out of your head." This is illustrated in a few different ways on the Advertising Week site. The main logo is a head with the top popped open—presumably allowing the brain to exit and attend panels and luncheons. Theodore Taylor III's big colorful illustration (cropped version above, full version after the jump) is also front and center on the site, showing a pretty freaked-out looking guy trapped in the light bulb of his own ideas. The idea, apparently, is that Advertising Week allows you to mingle and network and share—and ease the burden of your imprisoned creative mind. The Advertising Week site also links to this PDF, in which four recent VCU Brandcenter graduates expand graphically on the "Get out of your head" theme. If nothing else, brains shall be released this week.