WestWayne Conceals Naked Tenders on TV

ATLANTA WestWayne introduced a 30-second television ad this week to the campaign for Buffalo Wild Wings the shop launched in April.

The spot promotes the company’s Naked Tenders chicken strips and began airing Monday on broadcast and cable networks in 50 markets. The ad joins the independent Atlanta shop’s other work for the new product, which includes in-store promotions, T-shirts and an Internet video that launched last April.

The new ad is the first TV effort for Buffalo Wild Wings and the first work from the reunited team of Bobby Pearce and Dave Damman. Pearce, WestWayne’s executive creative director, and Damman, a creative director, formerly worked together at Fallon.

The ad depicts two guys in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant eating the Naked Tenders, which are blurred in the shot. One of them asks an employee why the chicken strips are obscured.

“Are they digitized or something?” he asks.

“Actually, they are pixelated,” she says. “They are Naked Tenders.”

“Why don’t you just use those black bars?” he asks.

“Oh no,” she responds. “Those are just for concealing identity.”

The spot will run through Sept. 25 on network and cable channels in the 30 states where the Minneapolis-based company operates.

Spending was not disclosed, but the account was valued at $2 million when WestWayne won it after a review last December.