“We’re shifting consciously from TV to other

“We’re shifting consciously from TV to other media, mainly the Internet,” said George Murphy, svp of global brand marketing for DaimlerChrysler. Indeed, TNS reports a 15 percent increase in Internet outlays to $24 million through September, though Murphy, who took issue with the TNS numbers, said it would ultimately be more: $75 million for all of 2006, double last year. “That growth rate may seem like a lot, but [the Web] is more prominent because it is the hub of all our marketing,” Murphy said. DC’s online efforts have evolved from “banner ads or search words to exclusive content, sophisticated games, and integrated campaigns with mobile,” he noted. Still, TNS shows DC’s TV spending jumping from 60 percent to 68 percent of its total budget ($668 million), higher than the other three automakers in the top 10. Murphy added that heavy 4Q launches would ultimately move national ad spending down only slightly from last year.