Welcome To The ‘Hood

This isn’t what you’d call rolling out the red carpet. Then again, for the cutthroat advertising world, it’s not bad.
Upon moving to its new digs in San Francisco last week, GMO/Hill, Holiday was greeted with an interesting slice of hospitality from “neighbor” FCB Worldwide.
FCB staffers decorated the windows of a nearby pub they frequent with three posters aimed at the GMO crowd. They were emblazoned with slogans such as “Nice building. (Of course ours is taller.) But everyone says size doesn’t matter. Enjoy your weekend.”
Another sign sarcastically warned GMO staffers not to drink in the pub, which is home to the official FCB happy hour on Friday nights.
The posters were all signed, “Your friends at FCB.”
Agency officials said FCB managing director Simon Bolton gave a bottle of champagne to his new neighbors and sometime adversaries.
FCB spokesman Tom Robbins called the signs “a little friendly tete-a-tete.”
We wonder, though, if GMO will be inviting their new neighbors over for dinner and drinks anytime soon.
–Justin M. Norto