Wedding Bells and fries

This was not the white wedding that pop singer Billy Idol had in mind, but it was certainly a nice day for White Castle nuptials.
In a unique form of “nontraditional” advertising, J. Walter Thompson, Detroit, along with Cincinnati radio station WVMX, ran a contest in which the grand prize was an actual wedding at a Cincinnati-area White Castle fast-food hamburger joint.
More than 30 couples wanted to make the trip up the aisle to the register. The winning bride, Tammy Lamp, aggressively called the station and begged on the air to be allowed the “honor” of tying of the knot at White Castle. Her fast-food wedding to Jeff Watson last week was broadcast over station WVMX, and may eventually be used in future White Castle ads, said Scott Brown, JWT promotions director.
“Everyone likes weddings, and the concept of holding one at a White Castle brings it into the realm of a real conversation piece,” he said. “This’ll be a good story for these folks to tell their grandchildren.” –Tanya Irwin