Web Publishers Adopt Unicast Video Commercial

NEW YORK Five additional Web publishers have signed on to use Unicast’s 6-week-old video commercial, which allows advertisers to leverage their offline assets on the Internet.

Those adopting the ad unit include CondeNet, which recently launched the format for advertiser David Yurman on its Style.com property, Discovery iMedia, Forbes.com, MaxOnline and weather.com.

The full-screen, broadcast-quality ad, which operates on the Microsoft Windows Media 9 series platform, loads while users are idle on a Web site and then plays without delay when they move between pages [Adweek, Jan. 19]. Unicast said that online publishers are adding the video commercial to their advertising rate cards as a premium offering, commanding prices on par with TV CPMs of about $25-30.

Others that have used the Unicast format are ABCNews.com, About.com, Accuweather, CBS Sportsline, ESPN, Fox Sports, Gamespot, iVillage, Lycos, Maxim, Morningstar, MSN, Tickle, Tribune Interactive and UGO.