Sexually transmitted diseases don’t come with warning labels. But Nei man Group provides folks with such information in two new posters for the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The work, an extension of a campaign that broke in January, aims to raise awareness of STDs among college students. Ads are slated to break this week on campuses throughout Pennsylvania.

One shows the lower portion of a woman’s body with a label over the crotch that reads, “Warning: May contain heavy yellow-green discharge, accompanied by foul odor, abdominal pain, anal blisters, swelling in groin, genital lumps, painful urination, or no symptoms at all.” Another ad shows a man’s lower body with a similar label.

Ads feature a Web address that provides more STD info. The work retains the tagline: “We’re there. For your health. For your community.”

With its attention-grabbing imagery, the work aims to encourage college students to change how they view sex, said Buffy McCoy Kelly, associate creative director at the Harrisburg-based shop. “If we get them to look, we’re going to get them to read,” she said.

The shop is also running radio spots on local stations for the client.