Watch The Birdie

Gillespie, the agency that brought you The Gillespie Potato Olympics, is now taking on another sport: office golf.

Staffers at the Princeton, N.J., agency have been using their lunch breaks to putt around an in-house championship golf course—one of four 18-hole courses to debut at the shop.

According to Neil Simpkins, who designed the layouts, each course carries a 72 par, as well as a host of potential hazards, such as the agency’s atrium and reception areas (which count as water hazards), and staffers’ offices and cubicles (out of bounds). In addition, ricocheting balls off the office walls is a no-no.

“We feel that [the initiative] creates a much better atmosphere for people to work in,” said Simpkins, who serves as senior account executive, public relations. “It gets people to think about things differently.”

So far, 16 staffers have signed up to play, paying the $10 registration fee and bringing their own balls and putters. At the end of the four-course tournament, the agency plans to hand out Dick’s Sporting Goods gift certificates to three winners.

“[It’s] a great stress reliever,” added Simpkins.