Warner Bros. TV Inks Web Deals

NEW YORK The Warner Bros. Television Group has announced a string of distribution deals for the company’s recently launched Web video reincarnations of The WB brand.

New sites TheWB.com and KidsWB.com, which rolled out in beta form back in April , will now make a selection of their long- and short-form content available on  the video aggregators Joost, Veoh and DailyMotion, as well as on the TV platforms of DVR pioneer TiVo as well as Sling Media. WB-branded channels on these properties are set to debut this September.

With the new deals, WBTVG is clearly embracing the prevailing Web video strategy of the moment, i.e. delivering content to users via multiple properties across the Internet. Already the company has launched similar channels on AOL as well as an application on Facebook.

The new WB channels on Joost, DailyMotion.com and others will feature a mix of classic WB Networks series and kids shows, as well as a slate of original short form series created specifically for the new TheWB.com. Included among those new shows is Sorority Fever, a teen mystery drama in the vein of Prom Queen produced by McG (Charlie’s Angels, The O.C.).